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We are on the threshold of a quantum shift in the perception and experience of our reality – it is as profound as the introduction of speech, or the development of the wheel.

Our authors are pioneers in consciousness, people with the profound knowledge that there is more to life than meets the eye - find out what they have to say . . .

In the last issue ... January 2016

The Transmutation of Separation

by Aluna Joy Yaxk’in

I sat with the Buddha, and as I watched their responsibility being passed on to us, I began to feel the weight, grief and frustration in our current world situation. I also felt the power of great love to endure it and maybe even cure it once and for all.

Letting Go!
by Elizabeth Francis

What causes us emotional pain is loss itself. In order to understand the complexities of letting go, you must first ask yourself a really difficult question, which is “did you ever
have what you are being asked to let go of?”

Assessing Spiritual Teachings

Joseph through Michael G Reccia
There are many points of view in the spirit world. There are many who contact the Earth level of consciousness. You have to remember, though, they create their own worlds and so their perspective is influenced by the world they have created.

Earthwise Activism

by Jackie Queally
I wish to draw our urgent attention to the world of multi-dimensional nature, which is shared by all living creatures and spirits. I believe that we need to be present with Gaia, the living Earth, as she undergoes her current process of transformation.

Spirituality & Humanity
by Jonathan Barber

What most people don’t know is that this planet is the home planet to five Perfect Masters whose job it is to look after Creation. As one of them drops their body another one replaces them in their role.

 2016 - A Year of Stillness

by Jhadten Jewall
You enter this time frame with illumined Hearts and crystal Clarity in Spirit, that you may turn from the turmoil of your world to the silence of your hearts, though your heart remains focused with compassion and sincerity on the events of your world.

The Galactic Alignment
Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

The way to support the New Earth Timelines is to be able to access the 6th Dimension and to create the Dream of the New Earth into a powerful story that will carry Earth forward into her future destiny! The Earth is ready!

The Guys Upstairs
by Amanda Hart

We were shown a picture of her, a beautiful woman wearing a crown of cow horns and holding a sun disc. We were told that within the walls of the temple were two birth houses, which contained the Star Gate connected to Venus and Sirius.

Are You Awake
by Elaine Speakman

Buddhist teachings say there is no Self.
Your senses create an identity that doesn’t
really exist.

Radiance of Being
by Amoda Maa

It was a radical awakening which changed everything from the inside out.

10 Ways to Recognise a Soulmate
by The Karma Queens

There are 10 signs that indicate a soulmate bond between you and your partner.

Finding a Soulmate with Palmistry
by T Stokes

Finding a Soulmate with Palmistry Split from our other half when we incarnated, a soulmate may help us feel complete.

Multi-Purpose Cinnamon
by Jill Davies

Cinnamon has multi-healing abilities from the essential oils found in the perfumed sticks. It is used to treat a very wide range of ills from fungal overload, to diabetes and blood clots, to digestive issues.

Issue 75 - New Year 2016.

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