Claire Williams

Claire Williams
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About Me

I have been an Independent Publisher since 2001, producing a quarterly magazine for the Mind, Body, Spirit market. I started this business from scratch, and in the last 14 years have delivered over 73 copies to my readers.

The internet has completely changed the way in which people read these days. In October 2014, like may other small publishers, I was forced to stop printing due to the cost of production, and a significant reduction in the number of small businesses advertising in this sector.

I now contine producing the magazine as an online publication which is run as a not-for-profit business, from which I no longer take an income.

Having been self-employed for over 20 years it was hard to envision what sort of job I might be able to get. But I have always had an interest in property and have refurbished several of my own homes in the past.

By some quirk of fate I began receiving invitations to free webinars on property investing, and seeing a way out of my situation I attended my first property training event in July 2013.

Since then I have completed the following training courses: Progressive Property 3-day MSOPI event, 3-day Masterclass, I-day Joint Venture workshop, 1-day Direct to Vendor workshop. Kevin Wright’s 1-day Briding Finance workshop. 1-day Landlord Accreditation Course - certificate awarded. 1-day PIN Academy Property Quick Start course. Yvonne Emery’s 1-day Assisted Sales workshop.