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Issue 53. Sept 2011



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New Age Magazine - Paradigm Shift Issue 53



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Jacky NewcombJacky Newcomb - The Angel Lady

An Interview by Edwin Courtenay

A popular media figure, Jacky de-mystifies the often strange and spooky-sounding world of angels and the paranormal on a variety of TV shows, show-casing her vast knowledge of the spiritual world. When I take a sneak peek at her energy I see a woman surrounded by a brilliant white unwavering light, as if she were anchoring a column of heavenly light for the Angels on Earth.

Marcus MasonAstrology Update by Marcus Mason
Comet Elenin

Elenin makes its closest approach to the Sun on 10th September, when it will be conjunct Saturn and Juno in Libra. Saturn – Juno requires us to express the highest principles of Right Relationship and responsibility in all of our dealings with others. The presence of Elenin adds a whole new level to this, as it brings to completion a karmic cycle that began 11,700 years ago in the middle of the Age of Leo.

                  Glastonbury Experiences
Vivienne Goodwin meets those who live here.

As I walked up Glastonbury High Street, 10 years after leaving, I wondered how much would have changed in this curious Somerset Town. You can see how J K Rowling’s books have influenced the High Street, as a flurry of curious shops with some amazing outfits in the windows adorn the High Street.

Jhadten JewallWhirlwinds of Change

the Elohim through Jhadten Jewall

Oh Beloveds of Heaven and all of Gaia’s realms, we the Elohim, shine our light now from the Realms of the B’nai Elohim to you as you begin to focus the Light of your souls more and more into the mental body realms. The Goddess energies in the air, atmosphere and gaseous realms of Earth are being accelerated now.

Jude CurrivanSunflowers

HOPE - Healing our people and Earth
Dr Jude Curivan asks "Are our Lemurian ancestors coming forward, through their Japanese descendants who have experienced the abuse of nuclear power both in war and peace, to hold a karmic mirror to our collective misuse – and the potential for redemption, healing and transformation? Perhaps, if it evolves to the self-aware stage we’ve reached, every planetary society at some point comes to an understanding of the universality of elements."

Gordon SmithThe Journey into Mediumship
It is not an overnight process

Gordon Smith says the single best way he has found of ensuring a student doesn’t stray off the path of knowledge is to have them learn as part of a spiritual circle, a circle of friends. A spiritual circle is simply a circle run by a medium, or someone with experience in the subject, who will watch over and gently guide the rest of the group.

Harnessing the Power of Peace

Joyline Goodings says the number 1 is about new beginnings and 11-11-11 is the number that will help us raise our energies to new levels of love and light, letting go of man-made manifestations based on ego power and coming into the Divine consciousness of peace and love.

Michael G RecciaYour LIfe After Death
Jospeh throug Michael G Reccia

No one is left alone in death. There is always someone who comes for them and who knows in advance because they are given information from higher authority to say: ‘This person is about to pass over - would you like to meet them?’ Now that is important: would you like to meet them - because there is always the option (even with loved ones) of saying, ‘No, I would prefer someone else to go and meet them’ - always free will.

Meridian & Energy Therapies -the EFT & Energy Psychology Conference


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Space Weather Report by Susan Joy Rennison


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Cosmic Heart by Willow Arleana


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