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Authors  A-C

Diane Addison
Runs the UK branch of the I AM University in Danbury, Chelmsford, Essex. A spiritual university based on the teachings of Dr Joshua Stone

Elizabeth Bradley
Sound & Crystal Healer, Reiki & Sekhem Master, Geomancer. Runs workshops with the Ophanim and Uriel called Sounds of Heaven. Writes an Astrology column for Paradigm Shift.

An accomplished Visionary Artist, Reiki Master and author, receiving a special award for his book ‘Awakening Your Inner Light’ published in 1992. 

Joanna Bristow–Watkins
Reyad Sekh Em Master and Teacher providing sessions and courses. Founder of Harmony Journeys running sacred tours to UK, Egypt and Peru.

Mical Akullian
Offers spiritual coaching and holistic counselling in East Bay, San Francisco.

Daniel Brower
Founder of Circle of Sound and the Global Harmonization Ceremony. Manifesting a balancing environment of peace, harmony, health, and well-being worldwide.

Lita de Alberdi
Founder of the School of the Living Light. Author of ‘Channelling: What it is and how to do it’. Lita channels guides Ortan and Shalaya who work through her in courses and readings.

Jane Butterworth
Spiritual and Crystal Healer, teacher and channel. Runs The Pendragon Group for spiritual development, and Pendragon Crystals.

Amma Ra
The 20 Sacred Maya Glyphs and 13 Creative Tones of the Mayan Calendar are a Galactic Coding and Seeding for the creation of your lightbody

Dolores Cannon
Dolores Cannon is a past-life regressionist and hypnotherapist who specializes in the recovery and cataloging of "Lost Knowledge". She has been specializing in past-life therapy since 1979.

Susan Anthony
Proprietor of Studio Psalm, a spiritual retreat in Wells, Somerset, offering workshops, events and life mastery training.

Lee Carroll
Channelled messages from Kryon, a love-filled and empowering angelic being. Books, tapes, seminars and an online magazine are available through this website.

Remko Arentz
Creates music for meditation and healing. Author of “The Beginners Guide to the Human Energy Systems”. Talks and workshop on a range of metaphyscial topics.

Clare Carter
Co-founder of The Rose School with Andrew Carter. Offers workshops in Crystal Healing, Soul Enlightment, Crystal Energy and Release Therapy

Vicky Argyle
Co-creator of The Oracle of Illumination - A Manual for Manifestation. Also offers Personal consultations and Personal Healing Images/Logo Designs.

Vanessa Carter
Founder of The New Horizons School of Healing. Offers Reiki, Crystal Healing and Ascension and Merkabah courses.

The ASCEND Foundation of Love, Light and Restoration channelled by Qala Serenia Phoenix from Archangel Michael, Kuthumi and Archangel Metatron.

Alexis Cartwright
International Healer & Spiritual Teacher. Alexis channels Transference Healing from the Master Christ Template.

Steven Ash
Steven and Renata create Rainbow Essences and run seminars initiate the 13 Portals of Power and give in depth information on the 24 keys.

Pete Caswell
Co-founder of Light Spirit Essences, he works with his mother, Patricia Caswell, to create highly attuned spiritual vibrational essences.

Trudy Ashplant
Author of three books on the Tarot and an instructional DVD. She has teacher status with the Diana Cooper School of Angels and Ascension and the Golden Heart Merkabah.

Joan Cerio
Creator of Integrative Message Therapy and founder of Coeuressence School of Self-Mastery Mentoring Program. Author of Hardwired to Heaven.

Cate Atkins
Has worked with Alexander Technique and Healing energies for 20 years, offers multi-dimensional absent healing, intuitive angel readings. Has Alexander Technique and Meditation CD’s

Howard G Charing
Organises specialist retreats to the Amazon Rainforest. Author of Plant Spirit Shamanism. Conducts Plant Spirit Shamanism journeys with the Shipibo people.

June Austin
Author of “Genesis of Man - The answer to life, the universe and everything in between, published 2006. New updated edition published May 2007.

Heather Charnley
Visionary artist creating paintings, greeting cards, posters and mounted prints. Author of Sacred Sites and Places of Power with clairvoyant images of 40 sites.

Leads trips to Eygpt and has published the book ’Know you Know’.  (Formerly Ashan).

Elena Chaykina
Freelance writer passionate about bringing spirituality into everyday life.

Patrick Bailey
A researcher and practitioner of alternative medical modalities. President of Harmonic Innerprizes specializing in high vibrational dietary supplements.

Alison Chester-Lambert
Author of a range of books, DVDs and cards. Founder of The Midlands School of Astrology. Widely acclaimed personnel readings.


Hannah M Bajor
Author of ‘Birth a Conscious Choice’, Hannah presents workshops and healing events in the USA, Ireland and the UK. She has an active telephone healing practice.

Sonia Choquette
Spent 25 years studying the areas of religion, language, Western kabbalah, tarot and mysticism. She has been a spiritual teacher for over 32 years.

Sally Baldwin
A gifted channel offering spiritual guidance. Co-founder of The Dying To Live Again Foundation dedicated to educating us about death and the afterlife. Regular workshops.

Linda Christie
Author of The Resonance Kinesiology Workbook. Therapist, Rebirther and Kinesiologist developed Resonance Kinesiology in 1994 and runs a 10 step training course to teach her methods.

Richard Bartlett
Founder of Matrix Energetics®, a complete system of transformation that produces observable and verifiable changes that can be taught to others as easily as any other life skill.

Nick Clements
Author of ‘Using the Ugly Duckling to find The Missing Links between Boys and Men’. Catalyst and mentor, has been teaching creativity and spirituality for over 30 years.

Jonathan Barber
Rebirther, Healer and Clairvoyant, runs workshops on issues related to spirituality and to assist people working with the new energies.

Reverend Valery Coburn
Founded The Energy Clinic with Stephen Coburn, Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor, offers a range of energy healing therapies.

Howard & Jennifer Beckman
Howard is a western-born Vedic astrologer and Jennifer is an Ayurvedic practitioner and pioneer of Ayurvedic Gemstone Therapy. Courses and consultations in both disciplines available.

Michael Cohen
Author of many books and tapes on Past Lives, Angels and Ascension. The Diana Cooper School of Angels and Ascension offers certificated teaching courses.

Christine Bearse
Chanelled messages from the Archangels and Ascended Masters. Dedicated to all Beings of Light, this web-site assists in the awakening we are all experiencing.

Kelli Jo Conn
Holds a degree in Gemology and is author of many articles on Crystal Healing. Owner of a quartz crystal mine that yeilds Rainbow Mayanite Quartz, Golden and Silver Quartz

Rowena Beaumont
EFT Practitioner and Trainer of Trainers. A member of AAMET, Energy Therapy World-Wide Net, International Centre for Reiki Training, UK Reiki Federation, Complementary Therapists Association (CThA)

Diana Cooper
Founder of the Bioenergy Healing Research Foundation and RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing. One-to-one treatments in London, distance healing and practitioner training.

Stephanie Bell
Journalist, teacher, Angel Intuituve and Past-Life Regression Therapist, trained with Dolores Cannon. Speaker at Ozark Mountain Publishing's Transformation Conference, London, 2011.

Christine Core
Co-founder and teacher of the Angelic Reiki System passed to her and her husband Kevin by Archangel Metatron.  Also does Sacred Journeys

Mellen-Thomas Benedict
Mellen-Thomas experienced one of the most amazing and most detailed Near Death Experiences in 1982. He shares his story.

Dr Lilliana Corredor
‘Healing the Waters’ that constitute the ‘Love Body’ of humanity and Planet Earth. Emissary of Love and direct channel for the Higher Council of Water Beings, Inner Plane Ascended Masters & Hosts of love & light.

Mark Bennett
International Director of The Aetherius Society and co-author of Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels, and Prayer Energy. He presents lectures on the Twelve Blessings around the UK.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
President of the “New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose Inc”, a non-profit, educational organsiation founded by Patricia and Kay Eileen Meyer.

Carmella B’Han
Co-founder of the holistic teaching centre, MetaCentre. Pioneering in waterbirth. Runs workshops on transformation through adversity and the continuity of consciousness. Author of ‘Mourning Has Broken’.

Edwin Courtenay
Channels Ascended Masters and Archangels. He may be contacted care of Carole Humber.

Tony Bondar
Tony and Nataliya Bondar are authors of The Element of Harmony and the Crystal Energy Cards.

Jude Currivan
Dr Jude Currivan PhD is a healer, scientist and cosmic geomancer. Author of The Wave, Jude teaches worldwide

Brandon Bays
Author, internationally acclaimed mind-body healing expert, author and speaker. She pioneered the cutting-edge transformation and healing method The Journey.

Benjamin Creme
Artist, author and esotericist, preparing the way for the emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom. Lectures worldwide and founded the Transmission Meditation groups.

Amanda Bradbury
Amanda offers astrology consultations and workshops. Readings are about personal and spiritual growth and how to master the planetary energies shown in our birth charts.

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