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Authors  D-H

Mark De la Mere
Runs workshops and courses on Personal Transformation, Ascension and Reiki. Channels St Germaine and Angels of Fire

Heather George
A Yoga and Pilates teacher, she runs her own courses, workshops and retreats and has taught at international Yoga festivals, The Yoga Show and Vitality Show

Don Dennis
Director of the International Flower Essence REpertoire, the UK's primary importer and distributor of flower essences and other vibrational essences.

Michael Gienger
Author of 12 Essential Healing Crystals and many other titles. Born in Germany, co-founder of the first crystal healing research group based in Stuttgart.

Michelle Dunworth
Soul Rebirther and Awakener. Her aim is to encourage self-empowerment and to awaken you to your divine self.

Clare Glennon
Revealed to Pippa Merivale in 2007 by Archangel Metatron. Delivers high frequency divine energies directly into our subtle and physical bodies.

Penni Du Plessis
Developed the Antaneea Technique Therapy which uses coloured oils, light, sound and symbols on the body during massage.

Antoinette Glynn
Co-founder of the Flower of Light centre in Luxor, Egypt. Luxor's only spiritual retreat centre offering Sacred Wisdom Retreats and Path of the Mystery School Initiate Sacred Journeys.

Earthlight Foundation
Raising Conscious Children - The Vision. It will not be many years before Earthlight Schools are to be found in every country. This will be the first in the UK.

Sarah-Jane Grace

Psychic Astrologer and channel for cosmic energies. Shamanic Practitioner, Earth Energy Worker, Healer and Soul Therapist.

David Eastoe
Creator of Petaltone plant essences, the world's first and most effective clearing essences recommended by well known author Judy Hall.

Bob Graham
Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, NLP practitioner and Healer. Also specialises in Spirit Release Therapy.

Carole Easton
DNA Activator, Reiki Master & Co-Founder of Lynden Hill Clinic in Berkshire. She also holds a diploma in Counselling and combines this with Rebirthing/Conscious Connected Breathing.

David Gray & Dr Altazar Rossiter
Working with spoken intent, the Peace on Earth Infusion Process was co-created to anchor a vibration of peace and love into the energetic fabric of the planet.

Mike Eastwood
International teacher of Crystal Healing, author of Crystal Oversoul Attunements and Unfolding Our Light. Director of AristiA, creator of the Crystal Oversoul Essences and the Nine Chakra Healing set.

Helen Grinder
Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Synergy Therapy, Metatronia Therapy, Well-Being Retreats from Monastery in France

Diane Egby-Edwards D.H.P
Hypnotherapist and Sound Healer, available for one-to-one sessions and workshops. Also available for Skype sessions.

Gina Hardy
Specialises in healing the rifts in love and marriage relationships. Complimentary therapist offering Reiki, Crystal Healing, Hopi Ear Candlling, and Conscious Union Yoga.

Michelle Eloff
Teacher and student of higher learning. Trance voice channel for Kuthumi and other Ascended Masters, Archangels, Star Beings of Light and the Crystal Consciousness.

Jill Harrison
Trance channeller of Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Light-Beings. She channels Archangel Metatron daily and is available for personal readings, Angel Classes and Trance Channelling angels to audiences.

Tom Evans
Takes esoteric teaching and creates real world practical examples of how it can be used. Mentors authors and runs workshops worldwide.

Dr Silvia Hartmann
Author of Energy EFT: Energize Your Life From -10 to + 10. Originator of
EmoTrance, Events Psychology and Project Sanctuary

Celia Fenn
An Indigo/Crystal adult living in Cape Town, South Africa. Celia has developed specific programmes to assist these special beings to find their path in life.

Robina Hearle
Vibrational essence therapist and essence producer. Channelled Rose Cottage flower essences from the Ascended Masters.

Cathelijne Filippo
Psychologist, Cognitive behavioural therapist, mindfulness based therapist. In Angel Light Heart she merges spirituality and creativity to inspire and help others in their personal and spiritual development.

Ross Heaven
Author of ‘Darkness Visible: Awakening Spiritual Light Through Darkness Meditation’, Ross runs Darkness Visible retreats in the UK and Ireland.

David Foreman
Channelled messages from the ‘Monad’ known as David on Earth

Sharon Heller Ph.D
Developmental psychologist and author of four psychology books including Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight, What to do if you are sensory defensive in an overstimulating world.

Marianne Friend
Rebirther/Self Transformational Breath Therapist, Massage Practitioner and Aura Healer. Runs holistic holidays which include swimming with dolphins.

Ronna Herman
Ronna channels messages from Archangel Michael. Books, tapes, angel gifts, crystals and seminars for an International audience.

Anita Fuller
Runs guided journeys to see John of God, the psychic healer and surgeon. She is a certified Hypnotherapist, bodyworker, meditation guide, healing medium and tour guide

Higher Path
Daily channellings from the 27 Speakers connected with the etheric ‘City of Ancients’ which has been rising at Vero Beach, Florida since January 2001.

Alec Gabbitas
An article about our planet’s ‘Ascension Portal’ and how it has developed since the Harmonic Convergence.

Sandra Hillawi
A naturopath and practitioner and trainer of EFT and EmoTrance, techniques for releasing negative emotions. Runs workshops and detox holidays in France.

Katie Gallanti
Soul Healer, metaphysics teacher and writer. A channel for the energies of Metatron, the Council of Creation and the High Angelics.

Rachel Hindle
A journalist specialising in the metaphysical field.

Emma Galton-Fenzi
One-to-one healings and life coaching sessions and Pranic Healing.

Geoffrey Hoppe
Chanelled messages from Tobias. Crimson Circle, classroom for the new energy - read or listen to material in the Tobias library online.

Norma Gentile
Sound Shaman, published author and channel for the Hathors and Archangel Michael. She has recorded four solo CD’s of Hildegard’s chant. Free subscription to a monthly newsletter at her website

Benedick Howard
Inventor of the DreamWeaver, the ultimate vibrational healing sound experience. Brings deep relaxation, inner bliss and healing.

Isaac George
Channels the Archangels Ariel and Michael and the Ascended Master Jesus and St. Germain. He also facilitates the Mystery School for the New Millennium

Gordon John Hughes
Designs and makes pyramids, wands and stargates with angelic guidance. Programmed to the vibration of the Great Pyramid and linked to stargates around the world.


 Christan Hummel
Flower of Life facilitator and author of The Rainbow Bridge. Teaches people how to reconnect with the Angelic and Devic realms of nature.


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