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The I Am Family of Light
Gathering featuring gifted luminaries from around the world, organised by Christarose Vallucha Freeborough.

Darren Linton
Angel Channel, teacher and coach. Helps people to learn how to channel and receive answers from angels and spirit.

Sarah Ince
Founder of Rising To Immortality, offering workshops channelling divine blueprints and codings from pure creation source of ALL THAT IS. Language of Light sound healer of the Sacred Mantras.

Robin Littman
Robin and Jenny Littman run introductory workshops for those wanting to find out more about a raw food lifestyle.

Adrian Inclebon-Webber
A trustee of The British Society of Dowsers and geomancer with many years experience of earth energies. Reiki Master, qualified holistic masseur and buddhist.

Deborah Lloyd
Reiki Master and author of Believe and it is True: A Story of Healing and Life Lessons.

International Academy of Consciousness
The IAC conducts research into our energy bodies. Teaches the method for achieving ‘out-of-body’ experiences.

Caitlin Lodge
Organises full body cleanse retreats at her beautiful home Trillgate, nre Stroud, UK

Patricia Iris
Expert in VIVA (Voice and Vibration work), an intuitive healer working with the Archangelic realms. A qualified therapist and author of VIVA VOCE – The Living Voice.

Cynthia M. Long
Cynthia is a spiritual counselor, medium and clairvoyant. She produces sacred gifts and is a writer of inspirational stories

Daniel Jacob
Channelled messages from The Reconnections.  Daniel is a writer and Bio-energetic Body Worker, researching Physical Transmutation and Earth Changes.

John Lovesey
Chairman of NFSH healing centre in Maybury, Woking. Healer with a particular interest in nutrition related disease and bio-energetic therapy

Jerry Jampolsky
A physician and a child and adult psychiatrist.
Founder of the International Center for Attitudinal Healing (ICAH) in 1975 in Tiburon, California.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Gillian is an author, lecturer, teacher, messenger and visionary. Channelled messages from the Pleiadians, Sananda, the Elohim, workshops and Orchid Essences.

Jhadten Jewall
Channelled messages from the Elohim are published in his newsletter The crystal Dove and on his web-site Sacred Spaces.

Jeanette Madeley
International motivational speaker, Enlightened channel for the angelic realms, Angelic Reiki master teacher, psychic medium.

Rex Johnson & Steve Coburn
Courses on energy medicine.

Gary Mannion
Britain's youngest Psychic Surgeon works with his guide, Abraham, and a team of other beings. Indigo Child specialist and founder of the A.B.E Healing method.

International spiritual consultant, author, teacher, speaker, workshop leader, sensitive and channel.

Daniel Mapel
Founder of Wild Earth and Wild Earth Animal Essences. These are natural energetic remedies made during a ceremonial process in the Virginia wilderness. No animals are harmed.

Chris Kasparis
Esoteric Astrologer, inspirational speaker and author. '2012 - The Great Shift' highlights Humanity's spiritual role as we head towards 2012.


Seeliana Marchisio
Angelic Reiki Master and teacher.

Zahir Karbani
Purveyor of fine and rare Mustika Pearls and Bezoar Stones to Shaman and those interested in Metaphysics.

Mariah Marston
Author, metaphysical teacher and founder of the School of the Golden Discs. A gifted channel for the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan.

Paschalis Kazakopoulos & Frixos Christodoulou
Founders of Angels House University in Greece and organisers of the annual Spiritual Awakening Festival in Athens. Channels forMary Magdalene and Jesus/Sananda.

Marcus Mason
Marcus is a soul centered astrologer, acupuncturist and Sacred Earth Energy worker. He is also available for one-to-one Life-Purpose Astrology and Astro*Cartography (Location Astrology) Readings.

Suzanna Kennedy
Creator of the enlightenment technology, Divine Human Upgrades (TM), and an authority on Planetary and Personal Accelerated Evolution. Founded Reality Crafting in 1998.

Angela McGerr
Author and Angelologist. Courses and workshops in Angelology and the Melchisadec Mystery School. Latest book is ‘An Angel for Every Day’

Tom Kenyon
One of the most respected Sound healers in the world, he is also a channel for the Hathors, Masters of Love and Sound

Lynne McTaggart
Best-selling author, researcher and lecturer whose work has been described as“a bridge between science and spirituality”.

Kindling Spirits
Channelled messages from Thoth

Elisa Medhus
Operated a private medical practise in Houston, Texas for 13 years and is also the mother of five children. Her son Erik committed suicide and she has been receiving channeled messages from him since that time.

Jean-Claude Gerrard Koven
A writer and speaker, weekly columnist for the UPI Religion and Spirituality Forum and author of Going Deeper: How to Make Sense of Your Life When Your Life Makes No Sense.

Anrita Melchizedek
Runs a private healing practice in Fish Hoek, Cape Town, offering channelled energy and ray readings, spiritual counselling, axiatonal alignment and energy rebalancing. Remote and recorded sessions available.

Lui Krieg
A Crystal Channel , Sound Healer, Jewellery Designer. Runs Stone Age Crystal shop and the Archangel Michael Healing Centre in Glastonbury

Pippa Merrivale
World renowned healer, author and teacher. Founder of Metatronic Healing in 2007.

Aimee Lange
A co-trainer for the Institute for Integrative Breath Therapy and Transformational Healing (InBreath) which trains future breathwork Practitioners.

Brian Mills
Offers astrology consultations and workshops. The readings are about personal and spiritual growth and how to master the planetary energies shown in our birth charts.

Catherine Keattch

Vibrational essence practitioner, healer, teacher and workshop leader. Partner in Crystal Herbs she produces a world-wide range of flower, gem and crystal essences.

Alan Morison
Reiki Master and practitioner and trainer of Emotional Freedom Technique. Based in Edinburgh

Richard Lawrence
Author of ‘Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels’. He has a unique insight into the world of psychic a spiritual development.

Elizabeth Ann Morris
Principal of the Diana Cooper School and teacher of a range of workshops including working with Angels and Archangels, working with Spiritual Laws and personal Transformation

Michael Lightweaver
Michael is involved in many spiritual projects including the Planetary Awakening Network that can be found at

Kathleen Murray
Director of the Academy of Crystal and Natural Healing and author of ‘The Divine Spark of Creation, the Crystal Skull Speaks’

Simon & Sue Lilly

Working with crystals for over 30 years. Authors of a number of books on the subject and life Presidents of the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations.

Jean Murton
Jean is a natural clairvoyant and medium, Reiki Master, Member of the NFSH and Member of the British Assoc of Therapeutic Hypnotists. She is the author of ‘Hypnotherapy in Healthcare’.

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