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Authors  N-T

Tony Neate & Greg Branson
Respected channeller of higher wisdom for over 50 years, author and founder of the College of Healing, the School of Channelling and Nature's Own/Cytoplan supplements.

Dr Natalia M Schotte
Founder of La Vie De La Rose flower essences and teaher of Accelerated Spiritual Growth.
She created The Ascension Oracle to support the 30 essences and sets produced

Jacky Newcomb
A spiritual writer and columnist. Researches the after-life communication/visitation phenomena.

Jim Self
International speaker and author, known as the teacher's teacher and healer's healer. Teaches healing, clairvoyance and personal energy management. Founder of Mastering Alchemy

Nicholas David Ngan &
Almeerah Sylvie Hallaire
Spiritual teachers, Soul Contract Readers, Lightbody Integration, Colour Light Therapy, Tachyon and Energetic Interference Patterning of DNA Practitioners.

Christopher Sell
Channelled message from Sananda and Sanat Kumara. Courses, tapes and essences to add light and love to your life. A special focus on Welcoming the New Children.

Steve Nobel
Metaphysical counsellor, author of “Freeing the Spirit” and director of Alternatives at St James’ Church, Piccadilly, London.

‘Bridge of Light’- a third-dimensional aspect of Lord Anju, Keeper of the Keys of Creation. Runs workshops, client consultations, channels high-level hierarchies of light including Angels and Ascended Masters.

Damian Nola
Shekinah Melchizedek Sacred Mystery School Teachings, Lightbody Activations, Enlightenment Intensives, the Black Madonna Mystery School, Healing and Darshan

Shankari creates beautiful spiritual jewellery, handmade in sacred space with powerful precious stones. She produces these Talismans of Power in Bali

Seija Nurmi
Dr Seija Nurmi, author, spiritual teacher, lecturer and workshop leader. Brings alive Atlantean and Egyptian teachings and wisdom.
Annie Sharp
Europe's largest Shaman shop sourcing ethically , supporting local artisans, traditinos and fair trade communities.

Carolyn Ann O’Riley
Chanelled messages, books and tapes for all ages from Archangel Michael. Read some of the first messages to the Children of the Planet Earth in his children’s books.

Shree Prasanna Guruji
The Founder of the Nishane School of Spiritual Sciences, he conducts workshops, seminars, lectures and retreats.

Ann O'Keife
A rune expert living in West Sussex, UK.

Gaye Smart
Author of 10 books on Hidden Ancient Knowledge.

Kastara Parasava
Author of ‘The Master of Balance’.  Workshops on The Reality of You and techniques for understanding and resolving mental blocks.

Andrew Smith
Spiritual Healer, writer and author of The Revolution of 2012.

Musician, yogi and activist. Teaches YEM - Yoga as Energy Medicine. She is the northern most musical performer havng played at the North Pole in 2010. She has launced Parvati magazine to support conscious evolution.

Gordon Smith
Internationally renowned medium, author and broadcaster. Has hosted his own series on the Biography Channel, and presented Living TV's Most Haunted.

Stewart Pearce
World renowned voice coach, legendary Sound Healer, Seer and Angel Medium. Author of The Alchemy of Voice, The Heart's Note and The Angels of Atlantis oracle & book

Jayne Smith
Crystal and Primus Activation Practitioner who runs regular workshops from her Crystal Shop and Holistic Centre in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

Dianne Pegler
Author of The Sacred Order of the Magi, qualified Angel Therapist and Heal Your Life teacher trainer. Angelic Reiki master, channel for Melchior, Archangel Zadkiel and others.

Lisa J Smith
Channelled messages from Sananda, Elijah, and Archangels. Full moon meditations, Twin Ray Completions, Tapes, essences and workshops.

Philip Pegler
Antiquarian bookselller and Author of Hidden Beauty of the Commonplace.

Spirit of Ma’at
Online Community and webzine presented by Drunvalo Melchizedek. Offers both free and subscription magazines. Join in with ‘live’ peace meditations.

The Pure H2O Company
Producers of an advanced system of water purification designed for the home. Suppliers of Pure drinking water.

StarDrum Books
Publishes spiritual books and is dedicated to Consciousness Expansion, Self-Development and Personal Responsibility.

Philip Permutt
Author of four books on Crystal Healing, The Crystal Tarot, and 10 Meditation and workshop albums. Imports and sells crystals from around the world.

Jelaila Starr
A messenger from the Galactic Federation’s Nibiruan Council. The author of two books: “We are the Nibiruans” and “Bridge of Reunion”.

Jackie Queally
Tour guide to sacred sites around Edinburgh, UK. Reveals and simplifys the esoteric information encoded in the Templar mysteries.

Sandy Stevenson
Spiritual Teacher and author. Organiser of Earth Alignment Day held in 1994 - one million people in 58 countries participated in sounding an 8 minute OM.

Gema Ramirez
Shambhala School of Consciousness

T Stokes
T. Stokes is a consultant palmist, author, lecturer and broadcaster. Offers private readings.

Kayt Raymond
Learnt to paints and commune with angelics after meeting a group of them in 1996. Runs workshops on how to Connect with Angels.

Wendy Stokes
Author, channeller, healer, spiritual counsellor and teacher.

Maria Rebato-Sachs & Emma-Kate Kind
Founders of Caprius Healing Therapies, Angelic Reiki Masters and teachers, Angelic Reiki workshops and treatments throughout the UK.

Barbara Stone
Channelled messages, talks and workshops with Crystal Skull ~Coconino~. Body Maintenance, a range of vibratioal energy preparations made to order.

Michael G Reccia
Professional medium and channel for spirit communication for over 25 years. Author of the Joseph books available through Band of Light media

Sandra Straw
Reiki Master and Teacher. Runs Wellbeing Retreat weekends in the west country, UK, and conducts Spiritual Journeys to distant places.

Susan Joy Rennison
Author of ‘Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution’. She is an independent researcher, author and speaker, and a founder member of the Spiritual Intelligence Network,

Steve Taylor
Author of “The Fall: The Evidence for A Golden Age, 6,000 years of Insanity and the Dawning of a New Era”, and “Time Unlimited” which will be published late in 2007.

Fiona Rivers
Brought Wu Tao to the UK after studying with Australian Michelle Locke. Wu Tao is ‘The Dancing Way’ a movement therapy that allows people to dance through their issues.

Dr Amy Thakurdas

Michael Roads
Internationally acclaimed author, conducts five-day intensives and seminars through the world. Working through the heart to assist the evolution of consicousness on Earth.

The Bards of Avalon
Bea Martin and David Johnson anchor the energies of the Divine Femine and the Divine Masculine wherever they go. They call in the Angels and Archangels to set the space for gatherings and ceremonies.

Robin Rodgers
Formulated a new channelled healing modality in New Zealand called Aquarian Healing.

The Reconnection
Dr Eric Pearl is the founder of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection.He teaches Reconnective to people worldwide and is the author of two books.

Altazar Rossiter
A personal empowerment coach helping those who feel called to be world servers in their professional environment. An accredited facilitator of Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life workshops

The Seekers Trust
Centre for prayer and spiritual healing based in Malling, Kent, UK.

Steve Rother
Chanelled messages from The Group appear in the newsletter Beacons of Light. Lightworker is dedicated to spreading Light through Empowerment.

Kim Thomas
Founder of the Angels Healing Trust. Meditation CD’s and Angel and Ascended Master flower essences.

Nicholas Russell
Spiritual Teacher, Clairvoyant Healer and author. Soul Contract readings, self-development workshops and Soul Guidance sessions

Sarah Timpson
Runs meditation courses including Awakening Your Light Body. Also run meditation holidays in Spain and coaches clients individually.

Dr Ramses Saleem
Principal of the Sia Academy offering courses in Ancient Egyptian Studies, including Ancient Egyptian Natural Medicine.

Jan Trewartha
Principal of the Body in Harmony School of Massage & Bodywork. The school also runs courses in Intuitive Massage and Self-Care for Carers & Givers.

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton
Author of “Punk Science” and popularly known as Dr Munchie. Trained as a medical doctor and an energy medical consultant she lectures and writes on the physics behind ‘paranormal’ phenomena.

Lisa Turner
Co-founder of Psycademy, leaders in human transformation and evolution providing products and training courses to help us change our lives.

Tony Samara
Author of Awaken the Infinite Breath, Shaman's Wisdom , From the Heart, Different yet the Same and Deeper than Words.


Sabine Sangitar
Channel for Kryon of Magnetic Service. Founder of Kryonschool set up to teach the 48 Steps and 6 Ascension Steps.


Mahasatvaa Sarita
World renowned Tantra teacher and author. Co-Director of the School of Awakening which offers Tantra, holistic healing, meditation and creative arts.


Angels, Crystals, Self Development, Past Lives, Healing, Alternative Therapies, Meditation, Reiki, Sacred Geometry, The Mayan Calendar, Crop Circles, Chakras, Psychic & Out of Body Experiences, Auras, Book & Film Reviews ... and more

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