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Issue 21.  November 2004


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New Age Magazine Paradigm Shift Issue 21



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Interview with Neale Donald Walsch

Five Spiritual Challenges - Steve Nobel

The Eight Fold Seal of Infinity - Jhadten Jewall

The Art of Manifesting - Katie Gallanti

Meeting an Angel - Michael Stock

Good Vibrations - Joanna Bristow-Watkins

Channelling Your Soul's Light - Chloe

The Water Myth - The Pure H2O Company



Joy From the Stars - The Arcturians/Christopher Sell

The Magdalene Flame - Edwin Courtenay

Words of Guidance - Archangel Melchizedek/Carolyn Williams

A New Cosmic Light for a New Earth - Autori

Meditation with Mary Magdalene - Patricia Chalkley


Front Cover:

Angel Pleryon - Kayt Raymond


Sample Article:

The Art of Manifesting by Katie Gallanti (149KB pdf file)

The Art of Manifesting

Angels, Crystals, Self Development, Past Lives, Healing, Alternative Therapies, Meditation, Reiki, Sacred Geometry, The Mayan Calendar, Crop Circles, Chakras, Psychic & Out of Body Experiences, Auras, Book & Film Reviews ... and more

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