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Issue 49. Oct 2010



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Katie GallantiKatie Gallanti

An Interview by Edwin Courtenay
I tuned into Katie and saw an incredible fountain of light, a shimmering crystalline glow of turquoise and topaz blue, brilliant white and brillant pale golden yellow - this my guides told me - is Katie, an incredible channel of great integrity, purity and sublime power. The intricate and perfectly balanced structure of her mental body grounds the spiritual light of her connection enabling the great forces she works with to express themselves with little to no distortion, quite an achievement!

Jhadten JewallQuantum Self Portrait of Paradigm Shift Magazine
Group Energy Consciousness

The Quantum Self of an individual represents the part of the Soul that is active in multitudes of dimensions, plus that part of the Soul that contributes consciously to the evolution of consciousness in creation. "Paradigm Shift" has a group energy consciousness that expresses itself through the medium of paper and ink. Jhadten has captured the essence of Paradigm Shift's quantum self in these beautiful holograms.

Marcus MasonAstrology Update
Working with Ceres and Pluto

The Ceres - Pluto conjunction, occuring after their Galactic Centre alignments, heralds a deep healing within the Collective Unconscious. It is an unmissable opportunity for healing the ancient rift between the Spiritual and Physical, and the perceived 'antagonistic' viewpoints of patriarchal and matriarchal beliefs.

Diana CooperThe Keys to the Universe
48 Keys to Universal Wisdom
Diana Cooper says there are Keys to the elemental kingdom, Lemurian knowledge, the cosmic heart, sacred geometry and the wisdom of the five golden ages. Each Key has a sound which unlocks specific energies, and when you explore a Key you expand your understanding and knowledge about that aspect of the universe. One of the Keys held in Hollow Earth opens the secrets of the Great White Brotherhood.

Mahasatvaa SaritaWomen's Sexual Fulfilment

Women are the keepers of the tides of life, of all life cycles.
Mahasatvaa Sarita says the woman is the womb for all of life she is also the birth giver and the spiritual mother for this world. If she is weak, and unaware of her own ecstasy, she will give birth to a world based on a collapsed feminine and an over aggressive masculine, as we see today. This situation can change rapidly if women everywhere can open up to their own divinity and power.

Tony NeateNuclear Energy: It's Time has Passed
Helio Arcanophus, H-A, through Tony Neate

Gaia is a living entity incarnate in Planet Earth, it is her domain, and the nuclear waste that is placed in containers beneath the earth is, in a sense, under Gaia's skin. Would you like someone to place nuclear waste under your skin? It's very dangerous because that form of energy can tavel through the soil; like your healing energy, it can travel through the planet and it is corrupting the energies of Gaia

Christopher SellThe New Light
Sananda through Christopher Sell

You are shaping the future now. With every breath you create the future. You might think of it like this: as you breathe in you gather understanding of the world; you take that understanding and roll it up and give it shape in the pause between inbreath and outbreath and then you breathe it out into the world and the world is made new by your gift to it. Every thought, every feeling, every image and vision, every sensation, every fragment of experience goes towards the future you are shaping; nothing goes to waste.

Ian White10 Tips for Meditation
Learn to enter a wonderful connection with your Inner Self

Jonathan Barber says meditation can help to release and prevent stress. It can lead to relaxation and a sense of peace and well-being. Time set aside at some point of the day can enable a person to put life’s challenges into perspective and even sometimes be the source of solutions. Meditation can help us live life with a sense of balance and peace, which in turn can help us be more effective at life.

Stranger then Fiction

Wendy Stokes talks about Orbs, or Spirit Lights, and all the phenomena associated with them. NASA research physicist Klaus Heinemann says "Until now there has been a huge amount of hearsay and speculation that the spiritual world exists. I believe its no longer anecdotal. Photographs of Orbs is as close to scientific proof of a spiritual reality as we have ever come.

Activate Your DNA - a life changing experience

Crystal Awakening - Turquoise bestows inner calm


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