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Issue 50. Jan 2011



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Celia FennCelia Fenn

An Interview by Edwin Courtenay
I saw the Archangel Michael align with Celia as a brilliant descending fountain of brilliant golden light - the two literally became one. My guide said – this is how it used to be done in Atlantis my boy, complete union, complete synthesis, complete alignment. Celia for me maintains this connection through her own spiritual integrity, a shimmering golden glow which burns with an electric blue core simply spectacular to see!

Gillian MacBeth-LouthanGive the Gift of Peace
Moving into more illumination and more luminosity

For each of you that sit in this realm of light and knowledge have proclaimed that it shall be nothing less than a place of peace, and love. You have proclaimed to your human molecules, “I shall receive peace, I shall be healed, I shall be purified, and I shall be cleansed”. And so it shall be..

Marcus MasonAstrology Update
Ongoing T-Square

A ‘T-square’ pattern dominates from 8th January to 21st February; along its base, Jupiter and Uranus are opposing (180°) asteroid Juno. Juno, in the last degree of Virgo, challenges us to bring old patterns to completion as we begin to express our new vision, as Jupiter slowly moves away from Uranus, carrying that vision out into the world. As this occurs, other planets move successively to the ‘apex’ of the T-square, bringing the necessary qualities for making this transition.

Mahasatvaa SaritaTANTRA
Sexual Fulfillment for Couples
Mahasatvaa Sarita says when sexual exploration is given all the space it deserves in life, it is very easy to experience divine communion. Practitioners of the Tantric arts do not need priests, religion or dogma, because direct personal experience of God and the creation principle are so easily and obviously available through sexual ecstasy and love.

Jhadten Jewall2010-2011. Earth Codes to Fire Codes

The Divine Feminine power of our souls
Jhadten Jewall says imagine if we could enlist the power of the Elementals to clear the air, waters and land. Imagine if we could clean the water and infuse it with the paradise codes of a new era of peace, so that its sensual quality would be ecstatic and its luminosity beauteous to behold.

Erik MedhusChannelling Erik
The day after Erik’s death, he sent us what would be the first of many messages that all was well with him in the afterlife

Erik's Mother, Elisa Medhus, shares not only the amazing stories of Erik’s on-going visitations and mischievous pranks, but also his answers to our many inquiries such as: What’s left after the body is shed? Has he met God? What new abilities does he have? How do thoughts create reality?

Bob Graham2012 - The Power of the Group
Increasing Levels of Consciousness

Bob Graham explains that as individuals our levels of consciousness range from about 250 to just under 500, but when we merge and call in divine assistance, our energy as a group raises to almost 800, enabling us to balance the energy of countless individuals below the 200 mark. When linked our energy increases exponentially; much, much more than the sum/average of our power.

Edwin CourtenayBack to the Future
Djwal Khul through Edwin Courtenay

For there is a storm approaching; a storm which many of you have been feeling the buffeting winds of already for some time. A storm that comes as a result of an event that has not yet happened, an event so big that the wake of it, the backwards ripple that flows through time, is upsetting its past, our present, in such an extreme way as to almost jeopardise the nature of that future event itself!

The Coral Ray
St Germaine through Isis

We would like you to discover it with us. The Coral Ray was called into existence at this time of great change and potential chaos to empower you to discover true self-esteem, self-actualization and self-empowerment. It will wean the human race off reliance and addiction to external forces and at the same time offer connection and interaction with all life.


Reconnective Healing - a life changing experience

Crystal Awakening - Obsidian takes us to the centre of our souls

The Munay Ki Rites - the nine rites of initiation


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