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Issue 51. March 2011



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New Age Magazine - Paradigm Shift Issue 51



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Rosemary StephensonRosemary Stephenson

An Interview by Edwin Courtenay
When I ‘look’ at Rosie, I see a brilliant mother of pearl, pale pink and sky blue aura of shimmering light with a vibrant centre of violet, yellow and ruby red. I often sense the presences of the Master Jesus, the Ascended Master Kuthumi, Serapis Bey and Lady Nada about her, and of course St Germain, all of whom are Rosemary’s patrons, teachers and guides.

Patricia Sousa, IACOut-of-Body Experiences
Understanding multidimentional connections
"And then the flying sensations started to happen again but this time I could see my whole bedroom, my bed, my sister’s bed . . . all the minute details of my bedroom were so clear to me. I was flying over my body and moving through the wall between my bedroom and my mother’s. I remember seeing all the details of the wall, inside and out, until my head entered my mother’s room where I saw her sleeping."

Marcus MasonAstrology Update
Sensitivity Rectangle

The predominant pattern at Spring Equinox was a ‘Sensitivity Rectangle’; this pattern comes and goes until 5th May, with different planets moving in and out of it, whilst retrogrades Juno and Saturn will remain constant within it. This is not, in itself, a powerful connection, but as part of the Sensitivity Rectangle they will remain like a ‘thorn in the side’, creating uncertainty and instability, until Saturn finally turns direct on 13th June.

Erik MedhusChannelling Erik
The insider's guide to death and the afterlife
For months now, Erik has shared his insight on heaven, hell, pets in the afterlife, the consciousness of rocks, plants and animals, the nature of time and reality, a discarnate soul’s abilities, reincarnation, and much more. Here is a small part of his channelled description of the afterlife, just the tip of an ever-growing iceberg.

Jhadten JewallFire Codes of Change

Crystalline Ardour
The rystalline codes of ardour and passion, designed to ignite the soul energy more than ever before in the history of the Earth. Hence, you witness great change afoot in your realms. This may seem challenging but it is an impulse to connect more to Joy than hitherto in your incarnations. Aligned with the soul, you are aligned with the Divine Plan, and all change can unfold in graceful and joyful ways.

Erik MedhusLiving a Tantric Lifestyle

Eternity lives in present moment awareness
Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita says "I have been living the Tantra experience for the past 38 years. It brings me great joy to pass it on to others. I am spreading the good news that following your bliss and breathing in tune with the whole of creation is your birthright, and not only that, it is easy to reconnect with this true essence of who you are."

Christopher SellThe New Light
Sananda through Christopher Sell
Divine Presence is the product of joy shared by many until it reaches something like a critical mass. That ‘critical mass’ of joy has a vibrational intensity, a vividness of light, that is sufficient to embody Divine Presence. Not, in the first instance, a physical presence, but a presence that exists in the consciousness of all and is shared by all. This, we would suggest, is what is meant by the Second Coming.

Shree Prasanna GurujiSpirituality
The seven planes of consciousness
Shree Prasanna Guruji says the individual can understand where he/she is stuck in the process of realisation by understanding a few things about the chakras, or psychic channels. A chakra or psychic channel is a channel which can attract abundant psychic energies (when activated through meditations) which are very much needed for the spiritual growth of an individual.

Christopher SellA New Story
New energy coming in plays havoc with the old
Jonathan Barber explains that the Avatar, and then the Perfect Masters, act like giant washing machines for humanity and Creation, taking the very worst of the thoughts and emotions, and any other type of energy, and they clean it up, and offer out light instead. In this way Creation gets cleaned up. Being a lightworker is very much like being a spiritual cleaner. Those involved clean up all the levels including the slowest frequency ones.

Shree Prasanna GurujiThe Inner Revolution
The world is beginning to be reborn
Aluna Joy Yaxk'in says "our inner and outer worlds are transforming right before our eyes. I can feel the light flooding back into the collective at such a huge rate that I can hardly contain myself. Today the world is beginning to be re-born. The first domino has fallen, prompting not just a ‘trickle down effect’, but an avalanche into a new world where the masses will be unified, and each will be honoured.

The Colour Ray Masters - working with us since the beginning of time

A New Way of Seeing Life - through the eyes of rebirthing breathwork


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