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Issue 54. Nov 2011



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Dr Jude CurrivanDr Jude Currivan

An Interview by Edwin Courtenay

Jude Currivan – to the spiritually sighted – shines like a beacon on Earth, her radiance interfacing with the ambient energy around her to lift and harmonise the space, her energy body a bridge to the spirit world that she serves. The inner eye reveals a dazzling mental body that shines and shimmers with crystalline light, filled with the grace and touch of the higher spiritual light.

Marcus MasonAstrology Update by Marcus Mason
Comet Elenin

There has been much hype, speculation and misunderstanding about the significance of the Mayan calendar ‘end date’, December 21st 2012. This marks a rare event in a vast astronomical cycle, when the December solstice Sun will appear to emerge from the ‘Dark Rift’ at the centre of the Galactic Equator. This is the result of the natural cycle of ‘precession’.

Love, Joy and WisdomMadeleine Walker

our Ocenic Friends through Madeleine Walker

It is hard to describe the enormity of the effect being with these incredible beings has on you. To be ‘infected’ with dolphin joy. To have your heart melted with love from a 45-foot fish, who allows you to swim next to it. To be infused with wisdom from the whale record keepers, who show such compassion and love, despite what we have done to them for eons of time. These beings know how we can heal ourselves.

Chris Kasparis2012 The Great Shift

Chris Kasparis says it will be life changing

Astronomers, astrologers and sacred tribal teachings agree that 2012 will culminate in life-changing cosmic and planetary alignments. During the countdown to the winter solstice, the Sun, Venus and Earth will align with the centre of the galaxy, creating a line of sacred fire. We are poised in this window of opportunity now, where Humanity and Earth, through the lens of Venus will receive Solar Fire, an influx of spiritualising cosmic energy preparing us for Ascension!

Jude CurrivanLiving the Golden Pathway Timeline

Handling the Energies of Change
Jonathan Barber says everyone in Creation is on a new timeline called the Golden Pathway timeline, which was created by one of the Perfect Masters of our time. People aren’t necessarily aware of that, but the energy and the information to do with it are available to all. Every person and everything has a timeline. Every city has a timeline, as does every country civilisation. They are birthed, they exist for a while, and then at some point they die.

Glastonbury                   Glastonbury Experiences
Vivienne Goodwin meets those who live here.

Colleen Tucker of the Angelic Reiki Association; Rita Hraiz, creator of beautiful clothing and the Tree Pirates, experts in wood sculpture all share their experiences - how they came to live in Glastonbury, the synchronicities that brought them here and some of the magical experiences they have had.

Celia FennRemembering who we are
The Mayan Calendar and 'Occupy Wall Street'

Celia Fenn says there is no doubt about it, we are heading towards a ‘Timegate’ of pivotal importance for the Spiritual and Social evolution of our Planet. It is my belief that we can pass through these Timegates, or Stargates, with the least possible trauma, using the incoming waves of Higher Vibrational energy to manifest the New Earth Reality of the Fifth Dimension of Light.

JoylinaCosmic Ascended Solomon
Through Edwin Courtenay

"It is with the deepest joy that I, the Cosmic Ascended Master Solomon, bring forward this message, filling all that I write with the joy, love and light of the Divine and the blessing of the Angelic Kingdom. For this is what many of you are in need of at this moment in time, a moment which is challenging on so many different levels, a time when dim and distant patterns and memories – long since dead and buried it was thought – are rising up now within to be finally cleared and laid to rest once and for all."

Susan Joy RennisonSusan Joy Rennison
Space Weather Report

We have entered a New Cosmic Age and our world is different, but for humanity to progress in peace and safety we need to change how we do business on this planet, quickly.
On a metaphysical level, it seems very little has been taught about the ancient messages concerning what we should expect on The Return to Paradise. In fact there are several steps to The Golden Age, the next era, described as the Vedic Age of Energy or the Mayan, Age of Ether.

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