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Issue 55. Jan 2012



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New Age Magazine - Paradigm Shift Issue 55



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Kathleen MurrayKathleen Murray

An Interview by Jhatden Jewall

The crystal skulls I work with are vehicles for the energies of the Council of Elders from Lemuria. My first crystal skull, Mahasamatman, is an initiator for me and for others. I was channelling starry beings of Light before he/she came into my life, but Mahasamatman (or Sammie) awoke my sense of commitment to my spiritual path.

Crystal HeartCrystal Connections New feature
Meditating with Crystals by Philip Permutt

Crystals can help to focus and clear the mind and promote all the various stages of meditation. Many crystals can support meditation: such as kyanite to help you get started, and fluorite to clear, still and focus the mind. Many enhance specific parts of the meditative process too and all types of meditation, of which there are many, promote both the spiritual and healing effects of any crystal.

Alison Chester LambertAstrology New columnist
What the planets say by Alison Chester-Lambert

At the beginning of February, Neptune moves into that part of the sky he calls home. He sails into a soft and misty cosmic ocean – the sublime comfort and fusion of his own healing waters, where he will stay for the next 13 years. For the last 13 years, he has been in a part of the sky called Aquarius, a Zodiac sign that craves perfection in concept, form and structure.

Lynne McTaggartThe Bond by Lynne McTaggart - book extract

Connecting through the Space between us

Her latest book, The Bond, proves that we suceed because we share, we care and we’re fair; rather than the more commonly held belief that we flourish because we compete and fight. The Bond demonstrates that we are in constant relationship with everything and everyone. In fact the only truth is the space between us – the Bond – which means that we must share and recover wholeness in our lives if we are to survive and flourish.

Karmic Contracts

Individual or Collective

Nicholas Russell says karma now is more collective than it is individual. This means that what you think is your own karma is mostly not. Up to 90% of the karmic energy you carry is not yours. It comes from friends, family, associates and other sources, with whom you work internally. This is because, as a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy on earth at this time, you have achieved spiritual mastery many times in previous lifetimes and are therefore capable of processing more karmic energy than the average human.

Michael G RecciaJoseph talks about 2012

Through Michael G Reccia
What you are experiencing at the moment is the underlying pattern that is bringing to an end certain crystalline structures that need to go. You will see in the next few decades the overthrowing of many conventional ways of looking at the world. You will see the overthrowing of many conventional ways of government. You will see the dying out of certain religions

Jhadten JewallShifting Paradigms of Light
The Elohim through Jhadten Jewall

For those of you, who connect to the streams of energy from your soul consciously, you will have been aware of the beauty of that energy and how it seems to be at odds with the reality around you at times. Indeed, great shifts are occurring and many in their reactions to these changes are subject to deep ancient fears and limitations which then in turn generate a reality which may appear to be out of sync with the present unfolding in realms of Divine Light.

Sacred TrianglePreparing our Planet for Ascension
The Group of Forty concept

Francis Leitao says the Groups of Forty work with this Sacred Triangle. This is a term used by the Arcturians to denote a triangular symbol representing the unification of three powerful forces on Earth: the White Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Ascended Masters including Sananda/Jesus, the ET higher-dimensional masters, such as the Arcturians and the Pleiadians, and the Native American Ascended Masters such as Chief White Eagle. The unification of these forces will create the Sacred Triangle that will aid the healing and ascension of Earth.

Greg Branson              Good & Evil Exposed
The limitations of vision

Greg Branson tells us that Einstein was a deeply spiritual man, accessing his breakthrough moments by probing into realms beyond the normal limits of human consciousness. He knew instinctively that both space and time are multi-dimensional. Less secure scientific minds pit their breakthroughs in cosmology and astro-physics against the immobilised Christians, crippled by a lack of awareness of what Jesus was actually saying. Both sides demand that we place our faith well within the limitations of their vision.

Glastonbury Tor                   Glastonbury Experiences
Vivienne Goodwin meets those who live here.

Amanda Gazidis, glastofaire and author of a childrens book; Jan Billings who runs Berachah House b & b and the shop Facets of Avalon; and Gwenolye the artist all share their experiences - how they came to live in Glastonbury, the synchronicities that brought them here and some of the magical experiences they have had.

Susan Joy RennisonSusan Joy Rennison
Space Weather Report

We must remember that during the 1990s, various groups of astronomers started documenting energetic changes to all the planets in our solar system. Russian space scientists revealed in the highly informative Planetophysical State of the Earth and Life [1998] that there had been a massive build up of energy around our solar system due to energy arriving from deep space that first became detectable in the mid 1960s. Other astronomical papers reveal the uncertainty of when an interstellar ‘debris’ cloud would arrive but most agree it is here now.


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