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Issue 56. Apr 2012



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New Age Magazine - Paradigm Shift Issue 56



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Tom KenyonTom Kenyon

An Interview by Jhatden Jewall

"I work a lot with the content that rises out of altered states. This often takes the form of archetypal energies and psychological forces. Sometimes, however, what emerges has a more autonomous nature. These include non-corporeal beings such as angels, spirits and other fields of energy that are intelligent. The use of sound and music to access the inner worlds of perception has been, and continues to be, a passionate interest of mine. . . "

Crystal HeartCrystal Connections
Pain Relief with Crystals by Philip Permutt

"Crystals can help pain in several ways. They can work directly on the pain as above, and certain crystals will generally aid particular areas of the body, such as citrine for the digestive tract or emerald for the lungs. Just working with or wearing these crystals may help to relieve pain in specific areas or organs in the body . . ."


The New Golden Age by Nicholas Russell

"Everything has now changed. Since 1969 the Spiritual Hierarchy has been moving its headquarters from the inner planes back on to earth. We have in excess of 1 billion members of the Spiritual Hierarchy on earth at this time. However, most of these souls are asleep and unaware of their true potential. The time has come for these sleeping Agents of Light to awaken. . ."

Alison Chester LambertAstrology
What the planets say by Alison Chester-Lambert

"On a personal level this Venus transit of the Sun is about turning knowledge into spiritual meaning. Learn as much as you can by perhaps taking a course or reading as much as you can. These events are always in the Zodiac Signs of Gemini and Sagittarius, so it is the meaning of these two opposite Signs that is highlighted in the Ether. In Gemini we gather information and take on communication which becomes the Sagittarian superior knowledge and spiritual confidence over time. . ."

Chris WatersA New Myth for Mankind

The Munay Ki, the Way of the Shaman by Chris Waters

"I believe the shaman’s role in today’s World is to help people make meaning of what is happening in their lives. To become the story teller, the map maker, the guide between the worlds of matter and of spirit. The Munay Ki are 9 initiations, 9 rites of passage that hold the codes of the new human, that we are becoming. They teach the path of the earth keeper, remind us of the sacredness of all life, and encourage us all to share our gifts. . ."

Dr Silvia HartmannThe Reality of the Paradigm Shift
The Case of EFT by Dr Silva Hartmann

“A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it. In the case of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques opponents of the new paradigm may tap themselves with EFT and experience the benefits of it for themselves. So what is this paradigm shift and how does it work in the case of EFT?

Michael G RecciaJoseph talks about The Guiding Sphere

Through Michael G Reccia
"It is amusing to see people’s images of guides as people who walk constantly with a spirit on earth and have no other aspect of life. That, of course, is not possible and would not be right. The guide spends a portion, not of their time, but of their consciousness, guiding a number of people on earth… or perhaps one specific person. . ."

Celia FennEquinox Report
by Celia Fenn

"So here we are... on the other side of the Equinox. Yes, it was a huge shift in energies as we embrace the new flow of energy that will take us to the December portal and further. Certainly, I am happy that we were able to hold the energy and that all the dire predictions of doom and gloom did not come true. . . "

Glastonbury Tor                   Glastonbury Experiences
Vivienne Goodwin meets those who live here.

Vivienne continues her journey through Glastonbury and reminds us of various magical places like the Red Spring, Wick Hollow, the Tor, the Abbey and Wearyall Hill. She ends this part of her journey at the treasure that is the Daisy Centre in St John's Square.

Susan Joy RennisonSusan Joy Rennison
Space Weather Report

"There are ancient texts like the Kolbrin Bible that retain the knowledge of major cosmic events that were accompanied by “the noise of trumpeting and shrilling was heard in the Heavens ...” And so, reports in the last few years, from people all over the world of mystery sounds and noises from the sky are being dubbed ‘The Sounds of the Apocalypse’. People have been so alarmed that various academics have confirmed that somehow, people are now hearing very low frequency (VLF) radio waves or acoustic-gravity waves being given off by the aurora and Earth’s magnetosphere. . . "


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The Way of the Conscious Being - by Gema Ramirez

Art Through the Eyes of the Soul - Interview with Cheryl Yambrach Rose-Hall


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Divine Alchemical Union by Saleena Ki

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