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Issue 57. July 2012



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Dolores CannonDolores Cannon

An Interview by Jhatden Jewall

"The main thing I want to tell people is that we are living in a tremendous time – the most exciting time in history. There is so much happening. The world is changing. We’re headed for a new Earth, which is in a different dimension. The whole of our vibrations and frequencies are changing and raising the vibrations as we go into a New Earth."

Philip PermuttCrystal Connections
Crystals and Past Lives by Philip Permutt

"Perhaps the most notable crystal to aid past life work, and past life recall, is petrified wood (also known as fossil wood or fossilised wood). Many shamanic rituals work with this crystal to facilitate and enhance past life regression."

Downloading The RaysEdwin Courtenay

through Edwin Courtenay

"As you may know the rays are manifestations of the Divine Light, split like the colours of a rainbow, by the prism of the limitation of your reality. Each of these rays has over time been awarded a Master who watches over the ray’s power enabling it to be accessed by humanity through their nature and being. "

Alison Chester LambertAstrology
What the planets say by Alison Chester-Lambert

"The tension of late June continues on as the sky focuses on those issues again and again in July, August and then September. Whilst it remains intense for some, there is also welcome disruption for those who want to break free, and power for those involved in battles they want to win."

Sonia ChoquetteThe World is Going Through a Birthing Process

Interview with Sonia Choquette

"These are ‘interesting times’, a tremendous birthing process – a time where people can get lost or they can get healed – depending upon whether or not they choose to keep their heart open. The global issues of conflict, money, corporate business and government are bringing to the fore more people who are looking within."

Joanna Bristow-WatkinsWhy Visit Sacred Sites
by Joanna Bristow-Watkins

“Not only are sacred tours a wonderful way to see international sites, it is also unbelievable how much spiritual clarity and psychic growth comes from these experiences. When entering these sites we absorb new data and activate latent programmes which have awaited our arrival."

DIY MiraclesElena Chaykina

by Elena Chaykina
"Magic exists in many different shapes and forms. Simoron techniques are magic based on a crazy mix of laughter, humour and absurdity and are now widely known in Russian speaking countries. The word ‘simoron’ does not mean anything – it was made up to highlight the main concept of this practice, pure creation.

Ronna HermanThe Hidden Secret of the Ages
Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

"Love is not just a sensation of the physical emotions, the intense desire to own or possess another in order to feel a sense of wholeness. True love is not the thrill of conquest or obtaining what seems to be ‘a great prize’ at the time, which often ends up being a great burden instead."

The Truth about MagicRobina Hearle
by Robina Hearle

"Magic is a reality. Our stories of myth and magic have a basis in fact and truth, we once were able to see and interact with the magical beings of other dimensions, but unfortunately we have become so damaged that the use of our inherent gifts have eroded away over time."


Extra Features:

Burn Bright - Don't Burn Out - by Helen Grinder

Body Transformation the Natural Way - by Caitlin Lodge

Angeli Reiki - by Maria Rebato-Sachs & Emma-Kate King

Nature Spirits & Elementals by Vivienne Goodwin


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Front Cover:
Angel of Light, Archangel Metatron by Glenyss Bourne

Angels, Crystals, Self Development, Past Lives, Healing, Alternative Therapies, Meditation, Reiki, Sacred Geometry, The Mayan Calendar, Crop Circles, Chakras, Psychic & Out of Body Experiences, Auras, Book & Film Reviews ... and more

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