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Issue 59. Dec 2012



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Dr Natalia M SchotteAn Interview with

Dr Natalia M Schotte

I began making flower essences in 2000 and founded La Vie de la Rose™ in 2006. I love my work in all its forms and give thanks every day for the beauty and purposefulness that has become my life. Flower-essence making is my mission and passion. Our gardens span four adjacent properties and are graced with sacred objects from around the world, many of which are hundreds of years old. The walkways and beds are based on sacred geometry. The gardens are lovingly tended by the women who have worked with me since 2005.

Philip PermuttCrystal Connections
Crystals for Change by Philip Permutt

There are times when you know you need to change and you really want to do things differently but just don’t know where to start or how to approach it. Rhyolite can be insightful here, aiding you to discover answers to problems and finding understanding of the causes behind the cycles and patterns you repeat.

Vibrational Essences Tools for our TimeDiana Cooper

By Catherine Keattch

In my experience vibrational essences are truly amazing healing tools that can promote profound change and transformation on all levels of our being. So it is very exciting to see the great expansion of interest in their use that has taken place in recent years as people intuitively recognise that they are exactly the tools they need to help them negotiate this critical time of transformation and change on our planet.

Alison Chester LambertAstrology
What the planets say by Alison Chester-Lambert

As this period opens, so does the portal to the other realms, for there is an eclipse of the Moon on the 28th November, and this is one that some people will be pleased to see. It marks the end of a period of difficulties in relationships and puts something of a line in the sand with the introduction of more grounding and building energies. It brings things to a head and closes a cycle.

Michael G RecciaKarma & Creative Cycles

Joseph through Michael G Reccia

Remember that you are a multi-dimensional being and, as an angelic being, you could enjoy multiple experiences at once and experiences from different planes of ‘reality’ at the same time. Although you may, as a physical and a mental being, be trapped within the confines of the Fall …you as an angelic being are still able to operate on multiple levels of existence and from multiple viewpoints.

Elizabeth Ann MorrisSpiritual Ground Rules
by Elizabeth Ann Morris

Having created a pure connection it is important that we keep the integrity of our personal communication channel. This is why protection is needed. It should never been invoked from a consciousness of fear, ie. keeping out negative forces – rather from a space of love, designed to maintain the purity of our communication and wisdom with the wise ones.

Our Double WorldGaye Smart

by Gaye Smart
Described in ancient Egypt as our KA, this greater expansive presence of our own light energy is our higher spirit self, providing light and life-force for our physical body. This etheric energetic outer self extends one and a half inches out from our skin, occupies the same space as we do physically, and also interpenetrates our physical energy self as our loving wisdom guide who connects to every other universal dimension

Nicholas RussellThe New Hierarchy
By Nicholas Russell

The headquarters of the Old Hierarchy was India. The many Spiritual Masters of the Old Spiritual Hierarchy governed evolution on earth and throughout the many universes. What may have outwardly looked like a half-naked man sitting in dirt could in fact have been a God Realised Being, or Perfect Master – one of those who are the highest members of the Spiritual Hierarchy on earth.

Archangel MichaelRonna Herman
Throught Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, the God Rays of creation for the Piscean Age, which contained the specific aspects, qualities, virtues and designs/formulas for the creative process of that ERA were beamed down upon the Earth and humanity for over 2,000 years. Those Creator Rays are now in the process of being withdrawn and shut down.

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Healing Presence, Bruce Harman

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