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Issue 60. Feb 2013



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Stewart PearceAn Interview with

Stewart Pearce

During an extraordinary August weekend a Grand Trine of Stars opened in the Heavens, creating an astrological window of vast Galactic proportion, and knowing this I walked the slopes of the wondrous Tor, which is when I experienced a direct transmission from the Divine.
After moments of meditation, in gratitude for being with the Spirit of the Tor, I suddenly heard twelve extraordinary harmonics, and in opening my eyes saw twelve beautiful Orbs of such brightness that I wept. Immediately I was entranced by their beauty, and in awe of these Lights heard them say they were the ‘Angels of Atlantis’, who wished me to create a Temple of Angelic Sound Healing that would be known as The Alchemy Of Voice.

Kellie Jo ConnCrystal Connections
Rainbow Mayanite Quartz by Kellie Jo Conn

This unique crystal offers healing on many levels by resonating with our entire energy system or chakras – the full spectrum of colour. Lay the Rainbow Mayanite Quartz on each chakra to activate and stimulate each energy centre. After a period of use, you will feel much more energised, focused, secure, and happy. We find that Rainbow Mayanite Quartz never needs cleansing because of the intense strength and ability to self-cleanse.

The Truth about ReincarnationMichael G Reccia

Joseph through Michael G Reccia

With literally a whole universe of opportunity to explore – and that’s just on a physical level of ‘reality’ – why on earth (forgive the pun) would we be confined or condemned to a repeating pattern of existence on this single planet? Surely that is counter productive to growth through spiritual experience when there has to be far more waiting for us to experience in the vastness of ‘out there’, than there is in this one, small, limited corner of space?


Alison Chester LambertAstrology
What the planets say by Alison Chester-Lambert

February begins with a divided sky. One side has the power to break out of the heavy January emphasis on relationship challenges. New strategies and new ideas are symbolised. With good communication, new ways of doing things can be devised. The other side of the sky continues to show an underlying re-generative influence that facilitates purposeful and steady construction, and this remains a strong but subtle influence for the whole of this 11-week period.


Greg BransonAwakening Your True Reality

Allbeing through Greg Branson

As you move into the age of Aquarius, you need to realise that everything you believe to be blocking your spiritual progress is an illusion. The childhood hurts you experienced, the karma inherited from past lives, none of this need hold you back any longer. Of course, your human nature is bound up with the lives and beliefs of others. You cannot avoid this and your physical body, particularly the brain, is full of fixed attitudes and automatic responses. Even the sub-conscious mind can only bring forward an intelligent distillation of what it already knows. But your ‘source self’ understands far more.


Bards of AvalonPerpetual Choirs
by The Bards of Avalon

This practice of honouring the land through sound resonated profoundly with our troubadour existence, as we love to sing to nature’s creations wherever we go. We travel to many sacred sites, many of which were designed for making sound. The work of Masaru Emoto has had a great influence on our work, so we sing our love, thanks and respect to lands as we journey through them. We find our travels flow more easily when we respect the elements and the guardians of the land.


The Llving MastersAluna Joy

by Alluna Joy & the Star Elders
Described in ancient Egypt as our KA, this greater expansive presence of our own light energy is our higher spirit self, providing light and life-force for our physical body. This etheric energetic outer self extends one and a half inches out from our skin, occupies the same space as we do physically, and also interpenetrates our physical energy self as our loving wisdom guide who connects to every other universal dimension


Deborah LloydFeeling Secure in an Insecure World
By Deborah Lloyd

When a person is living a healthy, balanced life, the chakras are open and energy is flowing through the physical body. When problems arise, the chakras may partially close, causing energetic blockages. Other times, the energy one expends in a life circumstance is too demanding and energy becomes depleted. While life situations may affect one chakra more than another, all are connected and an energetic imbalance is created.


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Healing our Wounds - by Clare Glennon

Archangel Metatron's 'Healing for our Time' - by Kay Zega

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Earth Angel, Meraylah

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