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Issue 61. May 2013



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Matrix EnergeticsAn Interview with

Richard Bartlett & Melissa Joy of Matrix Energetics

All techniques are based upon a set of beliefs or experiences. When someone has had an experience outside of their normal encoded reference for what is possible, they then try to recreate that experience. In order to make it teachable, they create a set of rules and procedures delineating how to access the experience. Matrix Energetics was deliberately designed to transcend the limited set of perceptual references that we call rules.

Crystal HeartCrystal Connections
Surviving Stressful Times by Simon & Sue Lilly

This unique crystal offers healing on many levels by resonating with our entire energy system or chakras – the full spectrum of colour. Lay the Rainbow Mayanite Quartz on each chakra to activate and stimulate each energy centre. After a period of use, you will feel much more energised, focused, secure, and happy. We find that Rainbow Mayanite Quartz never needs cleansing because of the intense strength and ability to self-cleanse.

Christopher SellYou Are A Citizen Of The Galaxy

Sananda through Christopher Sell

What is it to be human? Suppose that you do not yet know. Suppose that you are in the process of creating the human being. And suppose that what you are creating is very different from what you have believed yourself to be. Suppose further that all you truly know of yourself is that you are beautiful and that you are present. We suggest to you that this is the only knowledge that you truly have about your own nature.

Alison Chester LambertAstrology
What the planets say by Alison Chester-Lambert

The month of May will prove to be one of the more exciting months of the year for various reasons. The reigning disruptive atmosphere symbolised by the 90 degree angle between Pluto and Uranus runs amok this month, with hugely powerful currents causing even more adjustment in the hidden realms than is apparent on the surface or in the media. Yes, there will be visible disruptive events both for the Collective and the individual, but the strenuous power struggles and survival tactics that take place behind closed doors will be even bigger.

Elizabeth Ann MorrisSeeing Is Be-ing

Elizabeth Ann Morris

It’s now several months since the cosmic moment in December 2012. The event had a phenomenal build up and created expectations which left many people wondering what it was all about. Life continues in the same way, and from feedback I and many of my colleagues have received there has been no ‘instant cure’ or change. One of the key questions is “Have I ascended? How will I know? What are the signs?”.

Kathy CrosswellThe Keys To The Universe
Kathy Crosswell picks cards for Paradigm Shift readers

In 2010 Diana Cooper and I wrote the Keys to the Universe a guide to enable the reader to connect to and work with the sacred mysteries of the universe and access them for happiness, illumination and spiritual growth. We have now developed a set of cards based on the book to help accelerate your journey to the new Golden Age starting in 2032. When you work with a Key you expand your understanding and knowledge about that aspect of the universe.

Accessing a New RealityJhadten Jewall

Archangel Metatron through Jhadten Jewall
A whole new operating system of energy is being infused into your realms and energy systems. The stars in the heavens, the configurations of constellations in your Milky Way Galaxy, hold the key to running this new operating system. Other attempts to run the old operating system will fail as you shall witness yet again and again, not only in your own personal lives but on the global stage as well.

Philip PeglerQuiet Rhythms of the Universe
By Philip Pegler

As we practice listening to this quiet intuitive voice from within, we develop the capacity to stay in touch with our innate sense of balance, and we may find to our surprise that we have begun to live a guided life, lit up from within our own conscious awareness and not dependent on outer support. It is important to note that at no time are we required to relinquish intelligent good sense, which has the effortless power of discernment clearly to distinguish between true and false in the ordinary circumstances of daily life.

Diane Egby-EdwardsEarthing

by Diane Egby-Edwards

The basic idea behind earthing is that we are of the earth, and had continual contact with it. Whether we walked barefoot or used leather soles (which are porous and so electrically conductive), we would have had ‘electrical’ contact with the ground. We also would have slept ‘earthed’ – frequently touching the ground beneath us. Thus our body’s electrical charge was the same as the Earth: We were earthed.

Moriah MarstonSelf-Betrayal or Self-Love
Moriah Marston and The Tibetan

Self-love lays the foundation for making the emerging shift in consciousness with full metamorphosis into the One Heart of our collective global Being. Without unconditional self-love, regardless of imperfections/shortcomings, we can’t experience full communion with others. To love only parts of ourselves tethers us to the third dimensional consciousness of duality. The sensation of deep tender love for self eliminates life’s harsh overtones and lubricates the journey of transformation.

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