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Issue 62. July 2013



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Doreen VirtueAn Interview with

Doreen Virtue

A lot of people think because I am the ‘Angel Lady’ that I should only talk about the fluffy, superficial, happy stuff and it’s not that way at all. A lot of angel messages are very much topics that could upset people – but they always say it with love, and they always give us guidance on how we can handle it. The angels have shown me the future as things are right now – there is always a probable outcome based on how things are now.

Michael G RecciaActive vs Passive

Joseph through Michael G Reccia

There’s absolutely no doubt about it. We all agree there’s a need for a better world. Just how we bring that world into being, however, segregates spiritual seekers into two very distinct camps. In the first camp we have those who feel we shouldn’t dwell on the negative aspects of existence, trusting that all is in balance and perfection. In the second camp are those who feel that if we are ever to eliminate suffering, violence, lack and the escalating degradation of our planet, spiritual action needs to be taken... and taken quickly.

Alison Chester LambertAstrology
Multi-verse Astrology by Alison Chester-Lambert

Why does astrology work? How does astrology work? The answer to these questions lies in the connectedness of the invisible Cosmos, for what we see is not all there is! In recent times curious astrophysicists added up all the mass or ‘weight’ in the Universe – that is all the stars, planets, interstellar gas and everything – and worked out that for it all to stay where it is, and not fly apart, there would have to be another 96 percent of stuff.

Crystal HeartCrystal Connections
Crystal Chakra Healing by Philip Permutt

A healthy chakra will be in balance and full of moving energy flowing through it. Where there is dis-ease, the energy slows or becomes blocked. Working with your crystals directly on your chakras can both heal and prevent dis-ease thus aiding physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. A balanced chakra system allows you to sense the world around you, avoid the unwanted effects of stress, and remain emotionally calm so you can live your life to the full.

Christopher SellCitizens of the Galaxy
Sananda through Christopher Sell

What you are in the process of creating we describe as Cities of Light. Cities of light are the environments of choice for many of your sisters and brothers throughout the Galaxy as they arrive at the level of consciousness you are approaching. They see cities of light as the most effective way to celebrate their joy in being alive, for in a city of light the full beauty of the light of each individual being interacts with the light of all others within the city and beyond to maximise the beauty of all.



From the north pole to the nightclub
The lessons I experienced from the healing journey are many and profound. We literally are the planet. When the Earth cries, so do we. When she moves, so do we. We are carried by an inexplicable force that moves through our cells, that animates our souls, that keeps us alive. Love and devotion do not require us to take on another’s pain. We are already connected. The choices one person makes affect the whole.

Rosemary & TelsaTelsa, My healing partner
By Rosemary Stephenson

Telsa was an amazing unconditionally loving dog who only wanted to help people and animals change their lives for the better, and she did this in the most determined and extraordinary ways. She could reach people at a much deeper healing level than we humans can, which is the same for many of our animals. They don’t hang about – they just do it.

MagiThe Sacred Order of the Magi - Book Extract
Melchior through Dianne Pegler

And there He was. Finally, after all the soul searching and the perilous journey there was our small Messiah cradled in the arms of His mother. Powerful emotion swept through me as I gazed at the beautiful child before me. I felt such a surge of protection towards Him. No one or no thing would come to harm that child. I fell under His spell there and then from my very first glance and my Love for Yeshua and Mary and Yusuf never faded.

The Supermoon and the Summer SolsticeJhadten Jewall
Appollo through Jhadten Jewall

Greetings, for I am Apollo and I am the Light of your Sun, the Light of your Soul Star. I am the golden light of illumination that brings life to you and your world. All things thrive, are held and maintained in my Light, for my Light contains the information and vibrational life force frequency that maintains and creates your world. I am also the life force and information of your soul that maintains, sustains and creates you in this incarnation.

Tracey AshAwakening Alchemy & your Destiny
by Tracey Ash

In all ancient alchemy and shamanic traditions the vital principal is the One. The cosmic serpent is both masculine and feminine and a twin to itself. Causal and timeless the cosmic serpent is master of the vital principal and all forces of nature. It is the primary old god found at the beginning of all cosmologies, before monotheism and reason. The serpent, also the dragon, is the union of two perfectly opposing principals. As the creator of life the cosmic serpent is master of all metamorphosis.

What is a True Retreat
by Robin Littman

More than we are prepared to admit, we are still governed by what has been deeply embedded in the unconscious mind for many, many years. However often we say to ourselves in our more conscious moments “I really must change the way I eat, live, work” and more – we don’t. As Sigmund Freud famously said, “We are driven by the Unconscious”. But we’re on a spiritual path, aren’t we? We seek to be more conscious in our everyday life as we move from cosmic moment to cosmic moment. Our goal is higher consciousness in the post-2012 planetary shift. But our everyday habits don’t always bear this out.

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