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Issue 65. March 2014



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Elizabeth Ann MorrisPerception is Truth

The Basic Laws of Life by Eiizabeth Ann Morris

The Spiritual Laws are without judgement; they are simply a feedback mechanism which informs us of what we are doing well and what in our life needs to be transformed and healed. God or Source and the spiritual hierarchy patiently and unstintingly hold the vision of each and every one achieving our soul’s purpose and the creation of heaven on earth.

Lucy O'HaganGrace

Is 'Grace' the Peak of Evolution by Lucy O'Hagan

Grace is essentially a state of ‘oneness’ – ‘being’ not ‘doing’. When you are in grace you are in complete communion with everything, there is no space or time, only being fully and completely the divine being you are. Once received, Grace can be used to enhance our lives here on Earth, helping manifest that which is for our highest good.

Michael GiengerCrystal Connections

First Aid for coughs and sniffles by Michael Gienger

Heliotrope is most effective when applied at the first signs of a scratchy throat, blocked nose or when a slight feeing of illness becomes apparent. The sooner it is applied, the greater its success.

Elizabeth BradleyAstrology
by Elizabeth Bradley

As students of life we can only learn when we are engaged in the business of adventure, I believe. As we embrace the YEAR of the WOOD HORSE, and a knowing that wood embraces personal wealth through creativity, I hope that you will be able to recognise when these amazing opportunities arise, because they truly will!


Benjamin CremeThe World Teacher for Humanity
by Benjamin Creme

Maitreya’s plans are to awaken humanity to the perils before it and show humanity how to avoid self-destruction. Maitreya says it is really very simple if we could take the first step. Humanity needs above all to establish peace. Only one thing will create peace and the end of terrorism – the creation of a just world.

Pippa MerrivaleThe Divine Light of Metatron
by Pippa Merrivale

Each of us is a homoeopathic dose of the Universe: we contain within us the seed for every quality that exists outside us. We are light and we are shadow, and the human journey is towards the fullest knowing of ourselves, to activate the potentials hidden within our depths. Metatron gently steps down into our energy fields the divine frequencies which are subtle yet almost palpable to our senses.


Helen Grinder

Every Child Matters

by Helen Grinder
By now it might be reasonable for most people to view much of what is both written and spoken about in esoteric circles as ‘wishful thinking’ or ‘flights of fancy’. The quite detailed, specific and often cataclysmic predictions around 2012 for example, have already paled into insignificance – joining the long list of ‘end of days’ or ‘conscious shift’ events that failed to impact anything more than our curiosities. So why do we bother with any of this at all?.


Dr Lucia GrailVibration and Sound
by Dr Lucia Grail

The ancient Egyptians linked the whole of creation from the hours of the day and night, to the rotations of the planets and solar system, to musical notes. They knew that everything obeyed the Universal Law, “As above, so below; as below, so above”. The whole Egyptian culture functioned according to the harmonic laws and the harmony of music.


Ronna HermanCreating your Sphere of Heavenly Light

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman
Never forget, you are eternal and immortal. Your physical body is a temporary temple in which God dwells. The Sacred Heart is the temple of the soul. Therein is the Essence of life where true love resides, and where your awareness of Infinity begins. The Diamond Core God Cell within the Sacred Heart contains the Twelve Rays of God Consciousness, which are etheric crystal prisms of refracted Light called Rays that beam forth the Essence of Creation.


Reconnecting with your Divine PresenceJeanette Madeley
by Jeanette Madeley

These beautiful, powerful, transformational meditations and activations have been gifted to Humanity from The Divine, Master Jesus the Christ, the Angelic Kingdoms of Light, the Councils of Light including the Pleiadians/Sirian Emissiaries of Light, the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood and many more.


Tony SamaraDivine Ecstasy
by Tony Samara

It is interesting that most people reach a point in their lives where they accept the feeling of being alive but not quite to the extent that they wish this aliveness to be. Divine ecstasy is the ecstasy one feels that is beyond the joy and happiness that comes from the mundane aspects of life and this status quo feeling.

Space Clearing
by Annie Sharp

Do you ever feel stagnant, stuck and heavy within every cell of your body, or feel tired and agitated even to the point of anger, feel tense, unwell and have that horrid foggy brain feeling?? Then it is time to physically and energetically clear out the cobwebs around you and the spaces you spend most of your time in!

Pitfalls on the Path
The Plight of Double Crystallation by Maureen Addington

In the East, the term for someone who has achieved a certain degree of enlightenment and at the same time continues to be ruled by ego and personality is ‘Double Crystallisation’. Double crystallisation is very difficult to undo primarily due to the nearly permanent alchemical change and consequent advantages of this state. The advantage one has over a spiritual leader who has double crystallised is that nothing is permanent. This allows for the possibility of neutralising egoic tendencies.


Healing the Soul with Orchids
by Don Dennis

Orchids are often thought of in the wider community as being ‘sexy’, and it is true that they are able to help heal various aspects of deep traumas we may carry in the lower chakras, but it would be wrong to limit the reach of orchids to that of healing our sexual nature. While orchids seem to want us to function fully and happily in all our 7 chakras, they also invite us to reach both deeper and higher in our spirit, to regain the soul’s vision of its deeper journey.

Resolving the Past
through Robin Baldock & Greg Branson

Past-life healing is not for the self. This must be understood. As the name suggests, past-life healing is entirely for the benefit of the past life, while remembering that all the ‘past lives’ of yours are still forging their own distinctive paths on various levels of the heavenly worlds. They approach you when there is a karmic reason to do so.

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