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Issue 66. May 2014



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Dr Eric PearlLessons from Life After Death

Extract from 'The Reconnection' by Dr Eric Pearl

Eric's mother died on the delivery table, but returned to bring up her son, could this have some connection with his ability to bring through and share his amazing healing abilities..? This extract shares the full story of his mother's journey to the light and subsequent return to life.

Radleigh ValentineGetting Answers from your Angelic Best Friends

Angels are Everywhere by Radleigh Valentine

These beautiful messengers of light and love surround you day and night just waiting for you to ask for their help. You always have at least two guardian angels at your side. Just like a true friend here on earth, your angels will never make you feel bad or unworthy.

Elizabeth BradleyAstrology
by Elizabeth Bradley

Nobody could have imagined just how much clearing would occur during the Grand Cardinal Cross of April. The pressure felt by so many resulted in huge personal transformations, yet what came through during the spring New Moon on the 29th of that month was the real beginning of the EXPANSION energy.


Diana Cooper & VenusVenus
A Diary of a Puppy and her Angel by Diana Cooper

Animals, trees and Earth itself are ascending more quickly than most humans, and this is one reason many people feel slightly off centre. It is rather like sitting on a slow train while fast trains rush by on either side. 31% of humans reached the fifth dimension at the cosmic moment – and 58% of animals.

Katie GallantiIntegrating the Grand Corss
Riding the Galactic Solar Pulse by Katie Gallanti

The intensity of the energy present at this time has been similar to that of an energetic power-hose hitting our field, chakras, cellular level and DNA, triggering and also lifting up for clearing much old, stuck energy. The more entrenched the energetic patterns, the less gentle this process unfolds.


Jhadten Jewall

Transitions of Love 2014

The Elohim through Jhadten Jewall
It is your role as guardians of Mother Earth and as incarnated beings, to create that loving bridge between Heaven and Earth, that will ease the process of transformation for Her and ease the transformation of your own bodies. This phenomenon begins with using time and focus to consciously direct the soul energy into the body.


Aluna Joy Yaxk'inThe Landing Sequence has Begun
The Star Elders through Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

...the landing sequence has now begun into a ‘New Earth’ Portal. This is the slow-burning phase for landing. It is fuelled by accelerating pressure caused by the increasing gravitational pull of the new world that you have created. You have finally begun your landing sequence to touch down into this new world.


Joy WisdomShell of Soul

Consequences of Past-Life influences by Joy Wisdom
Unbeknown to most of us, the influences of past lives affect everything in our current life, good and not so good. But the mysteries can become unravelled and human life gives us a grounding and a foundation to grow from. It is something we queue up for – we keep coming back for more experiences.


Anne O'KeifeSummer of Runes
by Anne O'Keife

Odin, the All Knowing One and Shaman/Mortal, brought humanity the Rune symbols, in order to transcend the illusion of separation and connect us with All That Is. Today the Rune symbols can be accessed for spiritual, emotional, physical and mental wellbeing and development, as well as being a wonderful compass for our modern lives.


Pranic Healing
The World of Subtle Energies by Emma Galton-Fenzi

In layman’s terms, Pranic Healing® is based on ancient highly developed and tested systems of energy healing that use Chi or Prana to balance, harmonise and transform the body’s energy processes from dis-ease into health. Prana in Sanskrit means life-force. This (scientifically proven) invisible bio-energy field or aura keeps and maintains the physical body and mind in a state of good health.

Yoga in our Daily Lives
Yoga is not just about Postures by Heather George

Yoga is a path of self-transformation towards inner freedom, truth and harmony. It was around 400 BC that Patanjali wrote the Yoga Sutras which includes an eightfold path to follow. The purpose is to still one’s mind and ultimately see ourselves in our true nature – not as separate but as part of a larger universal self.

New Thought creates New Worlds
The Sacred Shift has Begun by Heather Andrews Dobbs

We are living in a spectacularly exciting time. We will birth ourselves into a new reality; a new species of Divinity. The time is now. The wake-up call has sounded for all of us to make the connection to our Source/ God/Goddess self. We are awakening to Omni synchronicities, connecting with our soul groups, seeing how each of us mirrors one another in our experiences.

The Seekers Trust
Finding Peace and Unconditional Love in our Lives by Kathy Searle

The philosophy of our teachings are first: that death is not an end, that the spirit lives on, that our loved ones who have passed over are still with us, still watching over us and helping and guiding us, that we can still speak to them and be assured of their continued love and care. We are taught that we can achieve this communication by the practice of prayer without the need for any intervention from any individual.

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