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Issue 67. August 2014



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Lee CarrollAn Interview with Lee Carroll

Channelling Kryon since 1989

The planet is changing, and unless you have a grasp on some very basic truths that have not been common knowledge, it might be frightening to feel the changes we are going through. I want to give the very good news that there is a plan for the evolution of consciousness on Earth.

Stewart PearceAngels & the Keys to Paradise

by Stewart Pearce

A time has now come when Angels are once more with us, living the third great wave of Angelology since the time of beginning, and helping to shape the fortunes of the race of men. So the Angels of Atlantis arise as the Angels of Aquarius.

Elizabeth BradleyAstrology
by Elizabeth Bradley

As Jupiter now sits in Leo, the sign of passion and creative purpose, events around all aspects of health and healing improve to the point of JOY. Leo brings new formulas, aligns with new theories, places and accentuates new procedures and joyfully expresses miracles as the first order of the day!



Joan CerioUnlocking the Door to your Heart
Time for self-empowerment by Joan Cerio
The intensity of the energy present at this time has been similar to that of an energetic power-hose hitting our field, chakras, cellular level and DNA, triggering and also lifting up for clearing much old, stuck energy. The more entrenched the energetic patterns, the less gentle this process unfolds.

Michael G Reccia

The Spiritual Minefield

Joseph through Michael G Reccia
Make no mistake – the road to spiritual enlightenment is a rocky place where many traps have been set in the undergrowth to snare the unwary. Spiritual neophytes are easy prey, entering as they are a nebulous new world – a completely new way of thinking and acting.

Chris WatersThe Winds of Change
by Chris Waters

If we cannot dream a new dream, one that comes from the future, then do not let us dream at all. Because what we will dream will be no different from the past. We must all play our part now, however small and seemingly insignificant.

Elizabeth Ann MorrisThe Laws of Creation

by Elizabeth Ann Morris
Once a young soul has learned how to apply the basic laws of life then they are ready to start taking responsibility for their own life and the Laws of Creation are activated. This process starts around the time of puberty. In ancient times this period was marked by ‘Rites of Passage’.

Lee CarrollSoul Journeying

Kryon though Lee Carroll, March 2014

I want to continue the discussion of your journey to knowledge of the Human soul. First of all, and most controversial, it’s not a Human soul! We call it a Human soul because we’re on Earth with you and because that’s what you call it. The soul is the creator. We’ve told you this before.

Elizabeth Ann MorrisParallel Lives & Split Incarnations

by Stephanie Bell
Our Souls are like a string of pearls. We have several ‘pearls’ on our own unique necklace and at any given time, we could have several ‘pearls’ inhabiting different bodies. What these pearls represent of course, are different aspects of a Soul’s consciousness, all being expressed in different ways in order to perform a number of things necessary to a Soul’s growth and evolution.

Cathelijne FilippoBeing a Human Angel
by Cathelijne Filippo

Do you often feel as if you have been dropped off on this planet and wonder when you can go back home? Do you yearn for light and harmony? Do you wish to see the good in all and do you want to help those who seem lost? Is it your deep wish to leave this beautiful planet in a better state than you found it? Then you may very well be a human angel.

Anne O'KeifeSummer of Runes
by Anne O'Keife

We have just completed a powerful cycle in Runic terms, just after the Summer Solstice, with Dagaz, the Rune of Transformation and Balance. Now, with wisdom and experience gained from the year so far, we can choose to rise up to the next level of consciousness in the spiral of life. This is one of the pivotal years following 2012 and the anchoring of the Unity Consciousness Grid.

Lucid Dreaming
What ancient Toltec wisdom offers modern psychology
by Maria Rosa Greco

Psychology and neuroscience are paying attention to lucid dreams, a state in which we actively engage, to recall diurnal emotions that help us process, sort out or clean up, what we had lived through when we were awake.

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