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Issue 70. March 2015



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Meditation, Buddhism & Yoga

Special Feature by Kathryn Remati, Cameron Fraser & Wendy Godber

Meditation is mainstream and no longer on the fringe. Hip-hop moguls are writing books about it, movie stars blog about it, the yoga studios are packing in stretched bodies with quiet minds.
Regardless of how naïve your understanding of spirituality is, everyone can garner some appreciation for the notion of enlightenment and how Buddhist philosophical practices relate to spiritual manifestation.
There are five methods of yoga, Hatha Yoga (physical postures), Laya Yoga (concentration in meditations and on chakras), Karma Yoga (Good Work, Right Action), Mantra Yoga (Chanting loudly. then softly. then inwardly), and Raja Yoga (the royal of yoga paths).

Michael G RecciaTrance Mission Excerpts: Contact from Loved Ones in Spirit
Joseph through Michael G Reccia

Joseph answers the question: Can people in spirit, at will, look at the lives of their loved ones on Earth. And also is it within their power to choose whether or not they can contact those people?

Elizabeth FrancisWaking up to Spirit
by Elizabeth Francis

This month I am working with a reading I did for a client who suspected he was psychic, but was resisting the urge to find out more. The loss of a parent, child, partner or sibling can be responsible for causing a fundamental shift in a person’s reality, and this gentleman had experienced such a loss.

Stephanie Bell

Past Life Regression

by Stephanie Bell
It can take many Souls all working together in a carefully orchestrated pre-life discussion, and very often, several alternative outcomes are viewed on something similar to a giant TV screen, allowing participants to decide upon how the lifetimes of each ‘cast member’ will play out.

Jeanne JessLightworkers & Dating
The Gift of a Soulmate by Jeanne Jessica

To help you grow, your Soul will no longer draw to you partners who feed your ego, or who keep you in old illusions where you can continue to avoid facing your unhealed wounds. This is where the “soulmate” enters. One of their roles in your life is to help you free yourself from all the old baggage.

Alex LoydThe Healing Codes

by Alex Loyd
The Healing Codes are a natural system of spiritual healing and a form of energy medicine. They do not address illness and disease; they only address spiritual issues.The spiritual issues they address are issues of the heart. Not the physical heart, of course, but the emotional heart – the heart from which all emotional connections and feelings emanate.

Richard LawrenceDr George King. Cosmic Avatar

by Richard Lawrence

Perhaps the most influential person in George’s childhood was his maternal grandmother who turned to his mother when he was born with the words, “My God, Mary, this child is not of this Earth!” Honed in North Yorkshire, her blunt manner infused with psychic perception was, in this case, truer than she could have known.

Mary WrightThe Legend of Atlantis

by Mary Wright
Atlantis perished under cataclysmic circumstances, all traces of its civilisation disappearing under the sea. Legend has it that a few survivors managed to reach other lands, bringing fragments of their advanced knowledge and culture with them. Egypt’s advanced knowledge of magic and the healing arts may be an Atlantean inheritance.

Jhadten JewallThe Heart of Grace in 2015
Maitreya & The Elohim through Jhadten Jewall

We join our voices to bring your awareness to the Heart Frequencies of this Year. In each moment you have the unprecedented opportunity to embody more and more of the Divine Heart Frequencies. Your evolutionary process as incarnated souls, is one of moving from a predominately mental consciousness to one that is more heart based..

Ronna HermanBecoming a Practical Mystic

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman
Your energetic signature has resonance, cadence, tones and vibrancy, and it radiates forth from your seven major chakra centres and your auric field. It changes daily, along with your thoughts and deeds, for it is responsive to the ego-desire body personality, and to the constant highs and lows of the emotional nature.

Elementals & Nature Spirits
by Tracey Jones

It is said that the elementals exist on a plane somewhere between the physical plane of our own and the ethereal. They are not easily seen and may appear as glimpses of light or movement just on the edge of your peripheral vision when out in nature. There is something magical, however, spending time in nature and connecting with these nature spirits and the gifts of insight they can bring.

Sandy StevensonPaint with all the Colours of the Wind
by Sandy Stevenson

The world is on a crazy Neptunian high that craves more and more stimulation and ecstasy as we reap the bad karma of the Piscean Age. I will read the chart for the Sixth Uranus/Pluto Square looking for ways to adopt positive Neptunian skills that can be used to transcend the collective mind.

The 5 Agreements GameEmbracing the Power of Truth
by Shavasti

If I stayed with the unanswered longing, no matter how uncomfortable or painful, the next step would manifest naturally as if by an evolutionary impulse that simply must have its own way. I have learnt that it is not we who awaken, but it is that within us which has always been awake that calls us.

AnthocyaninsDetoxing & Weight Loss
by Jill Davies

A nything from post-New Year through to April heralds the season to shed pounds and get healthy. Traditionally ‘cleansing’ was a spring ritual where the warmer weather heralded a need to lose the Winter pounds and clear the blood. Now, many practitioners like me are suggesting that cleansing at least four, times a year, should be a lifestyle ‘norm’; just to keep up with environmental pollution and food toxins..

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