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Issue 73. Sept 2015



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September 2015 & the Solar Galactice Shift

by Katie Gallanti

September 2015 & the Solar We are currently at the height of one of these Solar Galactic processes. We have been receiving increasingly intense pulses from the Galactic Core
for several decades, since the Fifties and Sixties, in fact.


Energy Update
by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Holy Moly Mother of Goddess, what can an earth girl say? I have been around the cosmic block a few times and I have never experienced a shift like this past 8-8-8. The very foundation of light was shifted never to go back to what it once was. by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan



Sacred Communication

by Elizabeth Ann Morris
Sacred language spoken from the heart creates sacred geometry – this vibration or form can only heal or inspire. As always in spiritual laws like begets like so it can only create positive results.


Angel Dolphins & Fall 2015
by Cathelijne Filippo

The Angel Dolphins have come to tell us that suffering is not our birthright – joy is. Love is. Light is. Creativity is. Magic is. It is time to open up to that creative flow that comes from deep within your soul.

Getting the Law of Attraction to Work

by Elizabeth Ann Morris
On first sight this Law appears to be simple, it is based upon the concept of like attracting like and if we don’t like what we have, then we have the power to change it. That is the theory, in practice it is not quite so straightforward.

The Diamond Light of the Fall Equinox 2015
Archangel Metatron through Jhadten Jewall

I open the Gates of Enoch that illumination and awareness be yours during this transitional time on Earth. The purest emanations can flow directly to your sphere from Source, we bring clarity to the consciousness of energy in your realms.

Trance Mission Excerpts: Pre-destiny & Lifting your Vibrations
Jospeh through Michael G Reccia

When you lift your spirits, when you lift your mood, you operate on a totally different level. Your vibrations quicken and, because they quicken, they have access spiritually, psychically and intuitively to a whole new world.

Angels of the Spiritual Realms
The Hathors through Tom Kenyon

Angels from the spiritual realms take many different forms and while some of them have energy fields that give the impression that they have wings, many of them do not. These types of angels are created beings.

The Power in Your Thoughts
by by Joan L Scibienski

Being on a spiritual path means distancing yourself from judgment, loving unconditionally and sharing abundantly. Each day is spent looking for the blessings inherent in our physical existence, working to be the blessing in others lives.

Bless: A very Special Word
by Karin Angela Myriel Moisel

Blessing is the beginning of an awareness process that lets us become more expansive, more open-minded and more loving. A blessing touches our life and in that way life touches us. Life is a gift for us, we have come here to experience the beauty of life and to sanctify it!

Kabbalistic Astrology
by Ruth Nachmias

The Kabbalistic study of planets and star formation tells us that the precise moment of your birth was not a coincidence, but a conscious decision your soul made based on a constellation that would help you best achieve your potential. Each reincarnation brings with it knowledge and experience from past life. .

You are Everything
by Sandy Stevenson

Whatever you’re destined to do, you have the ability to handle it – in its right moment. Remember, everything has a right moment. The universe presents us with different things. If it excites you or feels right, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t. A lack of interest or excitement immediately tells you it’s not part of your work at this time.


A Journey in Raising Consciousness
by Celia Fenn

In this period of 2015 we are most certainly in a Wave of powerful transformational energy. Our lives and our Reality are being changed at a very fast pace and in ways that we are often still coming to terms with. I think that the most recent wave of changes has been the most definitive and also maybe the most surprising.

There is a Deeper Reality
by Christopher Papadopoulos

Noticing the ‘voice in the head’ is the beginning of the end for our ego, our false persona, with its need for beliefs and values based on thought, since its power is largely derived from going unnoticed. The story of ‘me’ begins to dissolve piece by piece, and yet we are still here, alive and intact.

Unlock your Life with Dowsing
by Dean Fraser

A pendulum can be applied for, amongst other applications, choosing vitamins and minerals, testing food and drink, finding lost articles, psychic development, discovering where to go on holiday or the perfect location to live, gold or oil prospecting, to answer virtually any question or unravel the truth and of course, also to find water!

The Spiritual Child
by Lisa Miller

Whatever future we envision for our child, without spiritual development a full dimension goes missing from the picture. This is true not only at what we might consider the most abstract level of belief but also at a biological, even the cellular, level.

10 Hiddens Lessons on Alzheimer’s
by Megan Carnarius

We want our loved ones to hold on and be able to continue to be who they always have been. But with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, change will continue and there are deep and important things happening. It is possible to balance some of the despair of this diagnosis by staying alert to the hidden gifts that this experience can reveal.

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