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Issue 74. Nov 2015



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10:10 Gateway Ascension Symptoms

by Shekina Rose

Many of the Star Seeds, Blue Rays and the New Forerunners, who have been on the trail blazing ascension path for a long time, will be the first to experience this vibrational shift. As you are leaving the old matrix, this time-space may feel very different from anything you have experienced before.

Sacred Sites to Summon the Soul
by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Sacred Sites positioned around the world offer our very being sanctuary. They act as portals to our past, guides in our present and beacons that shine upon our future potential. We look at 5 examples, whose individual lessons can be life-changing.

We Don’t Need a Mirror to Reflect Who We Are

by Elizabeth Francis

As a professional psychic, I am often presented with the challenges that walk hand-in-hand with the issue of personal development. However, what I can only describe as the ‘after-shocks’ that occur as a result of a person committing to becoming the best of who they are, can often be more challenging and confusing than the process itself.



2016 – The Year of Remembering Your Dream World
Serina through Shelly Sharon

The reins are in your hands and the joy is yours, since you have dreamt this dream, you have weaved this dream, and this dream is that reality which you are about to experience. 2016 is a year of discovering inner truth.

Trance Mission Excerpts: Pre-destiny & Lifting your Vibrations

Jospeh through Michael G Reccia

What is the best way of clearing spirits? You have to understand the nature of the spirit. It is not enough to know that there is a spirit there – you have to understand what they want.

The Boat Ride to No Return
by Anthony Butcher

My first sight of an image of Durga was immediately electrifying and life-changing. It is like falling in love as a peak experience, which always deepens and never fades. The question arises: “how can an image have such a profound effect upon an individual?”

Universal Lessons: The School of Guidance
by Caroline McCutcheon

“For the initial period you will be following another guide, so that you learn the ropes. You will always work as one of a team of guides and your involvement will be overseen by a senior guide, who has detailed understanding of your task and its problems.” .

The Golden Earth
by Anni Sennov

Planet Earth is a place where every one of us has come from different parts of the Cosmos to experience, learn and play with the countless possibilities found here. Earth is the only place in the Cosmos that consists of material and spiritual energies.

Our Earthly Experience
by Hugh Campbell

Incarnation as a human being is a state of separation from the whole into individuality.

Earth is Undergoing a Change Over
Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin

Planetary upgrades enable Earth to utilise technologies unavailable at denser dimensions.

Heaven is Real
by Vassula Rydén

When I first saw ‘the dead’ they just appeared one day, sitting all around me on the floor..

The Searchlight of the Soul
Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

The awakening of Self from an unconscious state of Being is our evolutionary process.

Awakening Symptoms
by Jared Walters

It is obvious to many sensitive people that a significant energy shift has been taking place.

Reasons and Reactions
by Clayton John Ainger

Often characterising negativity as bad, or wrong, is simply a knee-jerk reaction.

Living Lightly
by Jenny Light

Disease starts first of all in the energetic body, which maps itself into the physical body.

by Mary Mueller Shutan

As an empath the world often seems too violent, and loud and has too much stimulus.

Rosemary, Brain and Memory
by Jill Davies

There is little doubt of Rosemary’s long-held reputation to assist the brain and memory.


Front Cover:
Noces Alchimiques
by Aurelien Pumayana Floret


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