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Issue 71. May 2015



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The Winds of Time

by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The Holy Spirit is the silent witness to all you say and think and do on your earth walk. Look at its presence as a recorder of events, one who documents, a silent witness. The Holy Spirit energy is an imprint, an encoding that is held by each individual on their journey through life.

The Laws of Higher Awareness
by Elizabeth Ann Morris

Alchemy is the return of your thoughts, beliefs, values and life to their original divine blueprint. This process cannot be activated from the mind rather it can only be accessed through graduating to a higher consciousness of responsibility for yourself and for the evolution of the planet.

Elizabeth FrancisBirth, and Infant Death
Joseph through Michael G Reccia

The soul intelligence – the spark that will inhabit the ‘diluted’ spark, if you like, that is the baby’s body – comes in at a time that is most opportune for the baby and most opportune for the mother and the father and everyone whose lives they touch.

Stephanie Bell

Parent Power

by Elizabeth Francis
Spirit went on to explain that tough love equated to a healthy discipline routine that if consistent would provide stability, therefore consistency was the key since it created a secure structure for the children to grow and develop within.

Gerarad Aartsen ~ A Cosmic Brotherhood
Interview by Jason Francis

The Space Brothers are the people from other planets in our solar system who come to Earth to assist us – not just humanity as a whole, but our elder brothers, the Masters of Wisdom, in a major transition in consciousness, a realisation or reawakening to our real spiritual nature.

Alex LoydThe Way of the Conscious Being

through Gema Ramirez
Everything is consciousness, it is the essence of the Universe, and it is the essence of you. It is pure intelligence. “And why do they tell me these days that I must live in my heart?” You may ask yourself. Is intelligence not a thing of the mind? And we tell you that it is and it isn’t. The intelligence of the most pure source can be more easily accessed from the purity of an open Heart.

Dr Eric Pearl

Interview by Lea Wittenberg

I believe that we are all spiritual people and we become complete as we allow ourselves to access that. And that begins by allowing ourselves to recognise that the spirituality in childhood is so natural that we don’t necessarily notice we are being spiritual, we just notice that we are being who we are – natural beings that flow with the universal laws and principles.

Mary WrightArchangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Bringing Back the Balance
What is happening in this period of transition is that your mind seeks to hold on to the dominance of the story line and truth of its story, and does not want to let go. There is a deep fear that when the mind lets go of its ownership of ‘truth’ then everything will break down.

Palmistry in Divinatory Practice
by T Stokes
Palmistry is divided between the scientific palmists who say that just as there is the correct place for the nose on the face, so there is the correct placing and formation for every line on the hand, and any deviation from this has a specific meaning, and the intuitive palmists who work by feel or ‘Duckering’, which is called by our spiritualist friends Psychometry or feeling with the soul.

 The God Within

by Charles E J Moulton
Even the most adamant atheist believes in God. Even the people that maintain there is nothing but the physical and nothing else in the universe but what you can see, they, too, believe in this oasis. They might call that oasis peace. They might call it joy. They might call God love. They might call him laughter or friendship, but God amounts to all the same things.

Practising Vibrational Alignment
by Ruth Cherry
So, from my initial stance of shock and dismay, I have moved to a greater clarity about my participation in the whole. Today I know that I am known and heard and loved. Loved beyond imagination. I know that at my core I am Source. Source knows only health and Source knows how to restore my health perfectly. Manifestations of physical health follow from my practices of good mental and spiritual health.

The 5 Agreements GameMeditation for Healthy Skin
by Kathryn Remati
Showering skin cells in white light, or mentally applying a ‘special’ imaginary lotion while relaxed, helps focus the repair response. Be creative. Mentally experience our new, fabulous skin in a multi-sensory way, engaging all 5 inner senses. Our imagination will come up with a visual remedy that suits the situation best.

Excerpt from Feeling Great by Dadi Janki, Peter Vegso and Kelly Johnson
Optimists hold on to hope. . . they don’t ignore the reality and consequences of problems, but they also don’t despair or lose themselves in the chaos when Pandora’s Box is opened. In your daily life, you will face many obstacles; sometimes they will be bumps in the road, other times they will be complete detours.

Imaginary Friends
by Lynda Fishman
“That’s the lady who comes to see me in my room,” he said, pointing to a photo of my late mother (1930-1970). “She comes to my room in her rocket ship!” Incredible and credible. I was absolutely speechless. It is truly impossible to describe the emotions I felt when he made that statement – a totally genuine, innocent comment that reassured me that this ‘lady’ was not just in Ben’s imagination.

Finding the Middle Path with Tai Chi
bySifu Peter Newton
Western medicine has only recently acknowledged that poor posture correlates to poor health. In regards to this, medical professionals are now advising their patients on the benefits of good posture. Since ancient times Asian doctors have understood that not only does poor posture create specific health conditions, but good posture will equally act to create uniquely beneficial healing conditions.

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